Fortress Batonis-Ciche

A country with a long history will always attract tourists who want to plunge into the past. National historical and cultural heritage, which offers to get acquainted with each tour operator in Georgia, in the literal sense can be compared to a huge treasure chest, where each item is stored in itself incredible story. One of these pearls is a Georgian fortress Batonis-Ciche, whose name can be translated as “lord fortress.”


A large archaeological site


Long-term studies of available historical records helped scientists determine that the process of building this fortification held from XVII to XVIII century. This time period is marked and one more fact related to the development of the Georgian statehood. Here was the residence of the Georgian rulers.


Found in the area archaeological artifacts indicate that the whole process of construction was divided into several stages. The first one lasted from 1667 to 1675, when the foundation of the future of the fortress was built. All additional facilities were built at the end of the XVIII century:

  • Orthodox Church;
  • Massive fence, the height of which is more than five meters;
  • Many residences of the kings of Kakheti;
  • Transitional tunnel;
  • Banya;
  • Several observation towers .


The complex is an object of cultural heritage


Further archaeological research helped establish that the tunnel and a fence have been further strengthened, so that the fortress could long withstand the onslaught of the enemy.