Zarzma Monastery

Last minute vouchers here are always popular. Tourists who examined monuments on the territory of Abastumani can continue its tour, having gone to the villages suburb. For example, at a distance of thirty kilometers, you can find a monastery Zarzma. To get here you need to overcome the bumpy road that runs along the stone cliff. If you doubt their abilities, then just remember the Crown Prince George and members of the royal family, alone overcame all the way over and over again.


This monastery is connected and another important historical fact. Numerous documents and eyewitness accounts suggest that the crown prince George repeatedly brought here the famous painter Nesterov, in order that he could be inspired by the beauty of Zarzma. It is only then crown prince allowed Nesterov start painting a church in Abastumani.


Zarzma Monastery, erected in the XI century, is the subject of a national religious heritage of the country. Throughout its history, religious building is going through difficult times. For example, in the XVI century building is pretty dilapidated. Construction, overlooking a picturesque river bank, has repeatedly been subjected to a variety of restorations. The last of these occurred in the mid-eighties of the last century.


If you happen to come here, do not miss the opportunity to go inside, where you can see many frescoes. Most valuable of all is the face of the Virgin and Child.