Catering especially the resort town of Batumi

Who find gastronomic minute tours should definitely visit Batumi. Any tourist center always has a specific approach to the preparation of various dishes. This rule applies in Batumi, where chefs have long identified the following gastronomic features:

  • The use of sauces and condiments;
  • A large number of fish dishes;
  • Presence on the table fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Mandatory use of fresh herbs;
  • A wide range of dairy products.


To try all kinds of dishes of national and European cuisine in one of the cafes or restaurants located in abundance in Batumi. If desired, you can always visit the classic Georgian restaurant, where right before your eyes cook well known to all:

  • Satsivi;
  • Barbecue;
  • Qutab;
  • Lobio and so on.


If you want to touch the gastronomic secrets it Batumi during a tour of Georgia, make sure you try the Ajarian khachapuri – acharuli khachapuri. This dish is made from puff pastry, including egg-cheese stuffing. Classic Batumi khachapuri is produced in the form of boat, the size of which is not reminiscent of a boat, but a real cruise ship. One portion is enough to fully satisfy your hunger.


Fans of good food with delight not only the stomach but also the eye, can choose one of the small restaurants along the beach. For example, a coffee shop, located directly opposite the harbor, offering a khachapuri and a glass of the famous Georgian wine, which there are a great many varieties. So, choose the hotel Tbilisi expandable gastronomic horizons and come.