Kiz-Kala Fortress

Expedition to Merv would be incomplete without examining feudal castles (Keshka) VII-IX centuries. A good example is the ruins of the Great and Little Kiz Kala. They shared a few hundred meters. They served to protect the family of the feudal lord and his subjects. Supposedly there were two floors, but similar structures to keep a roof there. Figure settled there defending the war.


Exterior facade of Kiz-Kala up protruding from the walls of the vertical half-cylinders, based on a flat 4-coal truncated pyramid. Along the perimeter are elongated rectangular spaces, converging in the central hall or courtyard. Floors Connecting Stairway revolves around a wide pylon. The walls had windows for illumination and viewing.


Big Kyz Kala on the neighbor area. It stands on a rectangle measuring 37.2 by 42.2 m. The remaining walls are raised by 15 m. The southern and eastern sides remain more visible here four five-fold half-cylinder. According to scientists, this relief is better preserved in the conditions of steppe of weathering. In addition, it allows the creation of a strong and stable wall with reduced thickness, saving of construction material and time.


Architecture Big Kyz Kala is a lot like Minor. But you cannot explore the first floor – it is completely filled, and on the second there are not many.