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Samarkand, Orzu Makhmudov Street, 57 Landmark: city center
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Atr Orzu Makhmudov Street, 57 the hotel Shakhname is situated in Samarkand. The hotel has been built recently, and the place chosen for it was the central park. Shahname has six rooms, the interior of which was selected by the individual orders of the owners themselves – a unique interweaving of tradition and modernity – is the main indicator of interior decoration. Staff clearly fulfills their responsibilities – luggage service, room service, and much more. At the reception you can use the phone, and book a tour to the city, because the Shahnameh is surrounded by historical monuments. The hotel has its own bar, an abundance of fruit drinks as well as a strong cocktails are offered. Meals can be ordered directly in the room, which is very convenient – setting the table and open the windows, you can admire the infinite beauty of Samarkand, while eating most delicious traditional dishes.


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