Dreaming not only feel the beauty of the amazing region, but also to benefit their health, choosing among all the other amazing places in Kazakhstan, preference is given to the resort Kapal-Arasan. Accommodation is in quality may well compete with a similar holiday in Uzbekistan. Tour operators in Kazakhstan believe that not only the healing properties of the sources, but even the climate and the very location of the doctor on the resort. Kapal-Arsan nestled on the slopes of Jungar Altai, on the north side. Flight Uzbekistan Airways and travel to Bien river, past the station Mulalyt, will rest on this, by the way, the first resort of Kazakhstan. The first medical institutions came here in the mid-eighties nineteenth century. So that local practices rich and glorious past. Even the weather is kind to arriving here. In winter, the temperature rarely crosses the threshold of minus ten degrees, and in summer delight comfortable plus twenty. The sun, too, a frequent guest in these mountains, endows all the useful properties of ultraviolet 2830 hours per year. But the main attraction of local hospitals – the life-giving source, which absorbed minerals such as the silicic acid, sodium sulfate, chloride and nitrogen. The main purpose of the water and the room – it’s refreshing baths and showers. They are designed to restore the health of former guests.


Surrounded by greenery, the scenes of the park, where the intertwined branches of the poplars and elms, the building « Kapal-Arsana » is located right in the place where the use of sources is pulled out from under the ground, feeding bathing resort. In the decisive indicators, among them as temperature and chemical, local water in no way inferior to that this can be found in the famous resort Tskhaltubo that attracts sufferers in Georgia. The temperature of the springs varies in a comfortable range from 35 to 37 degrees, allowing the resort to call themselves weak thermal. Water, this beneficial effect on women’s diseases, can get rid of the problems with the circulatory system, metabolism and cures rheumatism.


A calming influence is rendered panorama frozen in proud silence Jungar Alatau peaks and peaceful valleys.