Theater of historical costume is located in the city of Samarkand on Navoi Street, 27. In its way it is a unique project that not only represents the beauty of the Uzbek territory, the skill and skill of local craftsmen, but also conveys that part of history that can not be forgotten. In the theater under one roof are collected exclusive suits of completely different life periods. Unfortunately, time inexorably does its job – part of the unique folk work was lost in connection with the coming decrepitude, but the museum staff are trying to create all conditions to preserve those exhibits that are in their charge today.

Looking at skillfully embroidered costumes, few visitors can immediately understand that behind each line, behind every curl, and even in every color, the ancestors tried to convey a certain mood, or the purpose of this suit. Interlacing patterns can tell a lot about the master – here you can learn about everyday life, life, traditions of generations, fine work kept only on the material.

Many forms of national clothes can be found only in books, and so that visitors do not forget how fast time takes the period of life for a period, theatergoers opened the show program « Moments of Eternity ». Here, the visitors will see leather suits of Scythian horsemen, a suit of gold brocade Achiminidas, Anakhit costumes made of the finest fabrics and headdresses made of silver weaving, Sogd costume, made of fabric decorated with hand embroidery with batik and many other unique things that for today it is possible to name invaluable.

Individual prices for each group of visitors are established, which are established through an arrangement. Call – (+ 998 662) 33 81 25.