In the city of Tashkent at Pakhtakor Street, 5 one of the main theaters of the country is located. In the past an experimental studio founded by director Mark Weil, and now a non-state theater, Ilkhom Theatre continues to please the audience with a rich repertory plan.


Initially graduates of the Theatre Institute would stage plays by famous playwrights Bashbekov, Razumovskaya, Huseynov. However, during the perestroika period, when actors were given more freedom, they began practicing the silent genre in experimental performances without words. The performance of actors was so live that the spectator could easily understand all the subtlety of the story line, anxiously watching the story developments.


The big breakthrough for the workers of the theater was the time when a school of dramatic art was opened on its base, and the theater became called simply Ilkhom, without any prefixes. The next step was a diploma comedy in which several genres intertwined. The performance was so successful that the theater workers left it in their main repertoire, periodically presenting it for the view a large audience. A great advantage of the theater is that during the performances often spectators themselves become performers. Therefore, we can even say that the border between the scene and the hall at Ilkhom as such does not exist.


A variety of exhibitions constantly work in the theater and festivals and concerts are held here.The theater group, in their turn, successfully tour throughout Europe, returning home with well-deserved awards. The death of the founder, Mark Weil was a big blow. However, for the memory of their beloved mentor theater staff makes every effort so that the cause of their director lives and bears fruit.


Call – (+998 71) 242-22-41, 242-22-52, 244-04-03.