During the day guests can visit the famous Termez archaeological museum, which was opened in honor of the 2500th anniversary of the city of Termez. It is divided into several sections, each of which represents a completely unique culture of the era. Here you can find everything starting from the stone and bronze age, finishing with the department of numismatics. Everyday objects from various periods, paintings, photographs, statues, sculptures, pottery, and stone basins, all in all, the museum contains more than 27,000 different items.

The scientific Library, which part of the museum, is widely known. Its founders have taken the fund of the regional museum as the base, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy more than 16 thousand various historically important books, documentaries, publications, unique editions. The most valuable of them are manuscripts. Also Arabic, Persian and European publications can be found in the Museum. A relief map inside the museum, which shows more than 20 archeological sites, each of which dates back to quite different periods of development of the region in general, enjoys a great interest.

The nine halls of the museum tell in detail about the life of the Surkhandarya region, which contain completely unique exhibits, beginning with primitive stone tools of everyday life to pieces of art, which are, actually, priceless. Rooms follow one another, from the earliest period of time, so after going through all them, you as if live up the entire era , making only small intervals for transitions to new levels. The museum personnel, as well as a number of scientists continually replenish it with new discoveries, manuscripts and artifacts.

Entrance fee is 2 US $, Photo and video cost is 4 US $.