Chayhonoy Charos in the village of Yusufhona, which is part of the hotel complex Charos, will delight holidaymakers. While staying at the Charos you can visit the Chaykhona. The entrance to teahouse is decorated with an arch, which is a kind of boundary, passing which you can leave behind the worries and anxieties. One can conduct endless conversations and relax from the busy bustle of the city by sitting in the cool intoxicating “besedkas”-“chatting cabins” escaping from the summer heat and enjoying delicious meal. The main feature of the teahouse is a unique atmosphere of peace and harmony reigning in the homes of the people of the East. National kitchen utensils and other dishes make such an environment more realistic.


An improvised pond with a fountain in the courtyard gives coolness and a light mountain breeze sometimes catches drops of water from it and irrigates the visitors, giving enjoyment and a sense of unity with nature. The vast territory of the teahouse easily accommodates 150 guests without any constraint. In the evening a live music performance and a show program will entertain guests, calling for the energy throw in incendiary dances.


The chefs will treat visitors with dishes of any demanding taste. The highlight of the cuisine of the teahouse is baked lamb on a spit, the cooking process of which can be observed without interrupting passive rest in the shade of the “besedkas”, covered pavilions.