In the city of Tashkent in Bektemir district on the Lake Rohat-1 there is one of the most famous clubs of rest – the Tashkent Golf Club. It is popular and because, thanks to professionally designed golf courses here competitions of different levels are held. It is impossible not to note the natural beauty of this place – the plains and hills, fields and lakes, a lot of trees and fresh air.


Another feature of the club on the lake is, thanks to the ideal climate, green lawn that covers the surface of the field, remains so throughout the year. Therefore, most golfers prefer to arrive in the Tashkent club at the time when weather conditions their countries do not allow them to enjoy their favorite game.


Guests are presented 18 holes, so often you don’t have to wait in line, allowing yourself to enjoy golf at any time. However, in the territory of the club not only areas for golf are located, but also there is a tennis court and a large swimming pool as well as a training ground, a sauna, and a chic restaurant.


With club membership – because there representatives of different countries get together – people have a chance to get aquainted and often this is the beginning of the development of partnerships, so the club is not only entertainment-oriented. Many business issues related to business development have been solved in these walls. In addition, the location of the club on the lake is so convenient that the visitors can enjoy being close to the historical monuments located nearby.


From the center of Tashkent, Uzbekistan guests get to the Rohat in just twenty minutes. Nearly for twenty years of its operation the Golf Club has become not only a favorite holiday destination but also the center, which gathers the best athletes and famous people from all corners of the Earth.