« Golden Horseshoe », a new restaurant complex, opened in September 2014, is located in the village of Charvak of Bostanlyk district of Tashkent province. At the entrance visitors will meet a figure of a rearing horse in the frame of a horseshoe. It is worth to note, that both of these symbols are intended to bring good luck. The restaurant will attract lovers of the noble animals with the interior of relevant topics. The facade of the restaurant and the interior design is rich in images and sculptures of horses. The combination of Greek and Oriental architectural art in the interior and decoration, namely columns and stucco inherent in the Greek style, and frescoes with views of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan will surprise those visitors interested in architecture. The restaurant has a fairly large area, allowing guests to stay not only in a covered hall, but also in the “besedka”-“chatting cabins” in the courtyard, on the couches or at the tables near the fountain. In the heat of summer lunch by the fountain, giving a pleasant coolness will be enjoyed by all visitors, without exception. In winter, visitors can comfortably sit in the spacious cabins for up to 10 guests. For very large companies restaurant will offer a choice of one of three banquet halls. The largest hall can accommodate up to 80 guests.


The menu of the « Golden Horseshoe » is focused on the national culinary tradition of using herbs and spices inherent in this region. Visitors can be a little upset by the inability to enjoy the views of nature but delicious food and unusual decoration of the restaurant will more than compensate this inconvenience.