Not far from the hotel « Zeravshan » on the street A. Jomiy, 100/1 is located a small but very cozy restaurant Old City. Near it there are many historical places, a walk along which, in order to work up an appetite, will be just a pleasure.

The restaurant’s hall is divided into three recreation areas. Exquisite furnishings, comfortable furniture, many cute decor items – and most importantly – a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, will help not only relax from external affairs, but also fully enjoy all the delights of the proposed European, Uzbek and vegetarian cuisine. Unsurpassed soups of puree from tomatoes, pumpkins, potatoes will open completely new taste sensations, because for their preparation only the freshest vegetables are selected. Lovely and lamb in foil, which is completely absorbed by its own juice, why the slices of meat literally melt in the mouth. Dymlama – fragrant meat with vegetables, will like the real connoisseurs of meat delicacies, just like meat in Khan’s style.

In Old City it is also pleasant to spend not only the evenings, but also to come to dinners, because to deliver yourself once again the pleasure of tasty and useful dishes is always very pleasant. The cuisine is also varied for vegetarians – visitors who have never tasted food without meat, sometimes come to complete surprise at how diverse and nutritious vegetarian food can be. Polite waiters always help with the choice, prompting which dishes for which situation is best to order. Also with a wine list – you do not have to look for familiar wines on the menu, not daring to take a drink exclusively by name – the service staff can tell you everything not only about the wine itself, but also about the vineyards on which the juicy berries ripened. Call – + 99866-233-80-20, + 99893-346-80-20.