The museum of local lore and history of Muynak and the Aral Sea is one of the most unique museums in Uzbekistan where you can get acquainted with the era, telling the story of the great Aral Sea. Here you can find the best pictures of famous Soviet artists which convey the beauty of Muynak, old photos, as well as about two hundred exhibits of flora and fauna and a variety of plant specimens, stuffed animals. In the museum, there are also household items, samples of various arts and crafts areas, narrating the life of the representatives of a bygone era.


Following numerous historical facts you can picture the life of fishers in the times of power of the Aral Sea which was very difficult. It is vividly felt in the paintings of artists Raphael Tevatrosovich Matevosyan and Faim Yusupovich Madgazin, which are today, unfortunately, the only evidence left of the great power of the Aral Sea. Here also you can find the world’s only picture painted by Matevosyan showing the transformation of the Aral Sea into a lifeless parched desert. He himself had witnessed what was happening before his eyes.


In the museum of local history there are also many other works that display the magnificent nature of the beautiful Amu Darya. Here there are beautiful sunrises and winter expanses and sheltered gentle green banks of the river. Also, the artists tried to convey the life of people inhabiting this region, fish factories, ports, fishermen on boats. Looking at them, one can vividly imagine the past, smoothly transforming to the present. These paintings are considered to be special because the artists transferred to the canvas not only the seen, but also the unknown. They themselves became a part of this life, and after learning and trying the hardships and delights of the rendered scene, relived their memories in art colors.