In the city of Tashkent (Bloc 19 Yunusobod-Mahalla Chashtepa) behind the restaurant « Saraton » right in front of the supermarket « Seagull » the Ice Palace Ice Rink has opened its doors to welcome visitors. Its main distinguishing feature from other similar establishments is that the ice cover in it is artificial, which means that the palace is always warm and you can go ther all year round without being bored during cold weather to wear jackets and coats.


Thanks to an ideal surface which would be very difficult to achieve if the ice were real, skating on the rink is a lot easier, and it is a huge plus for novice skaters. In addition, falling on the artificial surface is also much safer than a hard fall on a real ice at the speed, so traumatiism on the Ice Palace « Ice Rink » is minimized.


If a visitor is not sure of his capabilities and hardly takes off his hand from the side, an experienced instructor always comes to the aid. In an extremely short period of time visitors will learn not only keep themselves on their feet, but also even perform simple movements – spinning, change the running and jumping.


Resting in an Ice Palace, you can not only happily pass the time, but also get a boost of energy. Even a half-hour presence on the ice is a great exercise.Also it is a sport that strengthens practically all types of muscles. It is interesting to be in the palace not only for those who like to skate.In its territory also there is a dance hall and a tennis court. And you can relax in the small, but very cozy cafe serving tea and coffee, juice and mineral water, as well as various sweets and goodies. For regular customers there are monthly subscriptions, including 12 visits. You can reach the palace by transports №67, №83, №42, №8, and №20. Call us – (+99 871) 291-34-51, 222-21-81.