On the avenue of A. Navoi, 25, there is an art cafe « Dastarkhan ». Do you dream to visit the East to taste all the delights of this region, which was sung by many poets? Do not rush anywhere, because it’s just worth visiting the restaurant « Dastarkhan ».

Skilled designers step by step created that oriental fairy tale, which is interesting not only to children, but also to adults. Exquisite furniture, details of decor, a given texture and an abundance of caressing eyes of warm tones makes the atmosphere of art-coffee truly mysterious and unique.

The name of the art cafe says that here you will find unsurpassed cuisine – Uzbek, European, Moroccan. Each dish, recreated by the chefs, is a real culinary masterpiece with its history. There are so many delicacies in the restaurant’s menu that even an out-and-out gourmet can not stand before them. For example, the most favorite dishes of the majority are skillfully cooked Uighur manti, a terrific life-business and a fragrant covurma lagman.

Since the generosity of the owners of the restaurant is directed at all visitors, a pleasant surprise awaits the young guests. It is not only a great choice of sweets, fruits and other delicious dishes, but also a beautifully designed playground where kids can frolic under the close attention of elders. Attention of the guests of the restaurant is also offered to perform traditional oriental dances during meals – this moment returns many centuries ago, when oriental beauties made the eating of their sultan more harmonious and enjoyable as a mandatory rite.

Spend an evening with a company of close people, have fun with friends, or beloved ones from the bottom of the heart, because the restaurant staff of « Dastarkhan » is ready to work until the last client.