Address: Samarkand, st. Amir Timur 45.

The Almaz Plaza restaurant, located in the center, is a favorite place for a lot of visitors, because you can perfectly feel the difference between ordinary pedestrians running on business that can be seen through large windows and the harmony and tranquility that you enjoy while inside.

Exquisite decoration of the restaurant allows you to leave all the problems behind the doors of the institution, plunging into the world of comfort and pleasure. Muffled light helps to liberate, giving freedom to eyes tired of day work. Fine frescos on the walls of the restaurant involuntarily fascinate the game of color, giving a slightly mysterious mood. Author’s lamps, with which the room is decorated, also can not be left without due attention – their performance is so subtle and beautiful.

But, of course, the main asset of the Almaz Plaza restaurant is delicious national and European cuisine. Just getting acquainted with the informative menu, you will find out what variety of dishes can please the guests this evening. Among the many unknown names, the waiters will be able to help them by kindly offering their help. There are cooks and their raisins – these are traditional dishes, made with special love and often complemented by creative ideas.

Almaz Plaza is glad to everyone – small companies, noisy wedding guests, birthday parties, anniversary, family and romantic couples. Pleasant music, dance shows, national performances – the restaurant will definitely please with its entertainment program. Loves him and the youth, because after running into the Plaza to have breakfast, or to order the most delicious lunch, you can keep in touch with your friends via Wi-Fi. Almaz Plaza is a faceted nugget of Samarkand, it’s worth a visit.