ÇAYHANA « Rustam »

Outside the old fortress town, in the part called Dushan-Kala, near the main gate is the favorite local residents of the tea house « Rustambay ». This place is unlike any one located in Ichan-Kala. Local residents say that they feed better here, and less tourists. The view from the side to Ichan-Kala is much more beautiful than the one that can be seen from inside it. This is another plus of the tea house « Rustambay ».


Lunch and dinner here always consists of large hearty dishes. Dinner is served mainly after 20.00, which is somewhat difficult for European stomachs.


The teahouse is arranged, so you do not have to turn around and chat with the guests sitting in the neighborhood, learn more about them about the life that flows outside the walls of Ichan-Kala, outside the tourist town. Prices here are also different: an order of magnitude lower than in institutions outside the walls.


The menu here is large, so you have to pick it up. Often ordered manti, kebab, lagman, tortillas with meat, shurpa. Of course you can have a bite of samsa or shish kebabs in the bazaar near the teahouse, but remember that without the conveniences and the special friendly environment of the teahouse.

If you are hungry even before you went on a tour of the ancient streets of the Khiva fortress, then dine delicious here, rather than overpaying the gate. Tea house « Rustambay » will not only feed you deliciously, but it will allow you to get acquainted with those who have lived in this city-museum for many years. Local people, no worse than guides, will tell you about the history of these places and will certainly advise which dish should be ordered.