Amazing Lake Issyk-Kul, in addition to picturesque views, offers an amazing and often unique to Kyrgyzstan hotel space to accommodate. It can carry them like a hotel and Knight that his entourage, comfort, amazing infrastructure and incredible atmosphere more reminiscent of a luxury residential complex than a hotel in the beautiful countryside of the province. The charming, filled with the scent of flowering herbs and fresh mountain air of snow-covered peaks, crystalline in its clean waters of the lake and a luxurious oriental entourage conquer the eyes and hearts of guests at first sight. The proposed refinements to be particularly bright to look at the contrast after a trip through the rural hinterland to transfer. Flight Uzbekistan Airways completed in Bishkek, which is located at a distance of 200 kilometers from the Chok-Tal. The hotel shuttle to get better, but rather inspire lean journey by bus.


The charming cottages, hidden in the thick foliage of the park, leisure modestly demonstrate mastery of design, painstaking work on the project. These elegant homes can be found in, for spaciousness designed for any family or group. Alone and couples ideal spacious studios, large companies will enjoy multi-level apartments with different number of rooms. What unites all of the options, so it is carefully thought-out design of the interior, elegant atmosphere and stunning interior. Besides IP TV, and among all of Kyrgyzstan hotel is the only hotel offering a similar service, expensive furniture, and that the main thing in all aspects and provisions of the convenient telephone service, which is very vital, given that roaming here can be quite expensive. The spacious bathroom, in addition to a modern shower, a cool summer morning, so nice warm floor warms the limbs. Large panoramic windows are plowing its clear expanse towards the surface of the beautiful wonder of the lake. Kyrgyz tour operators offering holidays in this hotel for those travelers who above all value comfortable accommodation, and only able to find their own entertainment.


In addition to charming cottages, and is a wonderful restaurant « Il’Gabbiano » in a beautiful park, where you can taste the delicious dishes of Italian cuisine, or try one of these Japanese delicacies. Even without considering the great taste of food, gorgeous restaurant menu itself, it is a unique phenomenon for Kyrgyzstan hotels. Light snack, elegant cocktail or something more robust can be enjoyed in the lounge bar, located on the shore of the lake. In the evenings, a disco, and a stormy party before you can sit for a charming table, admiring the views and watching the sunset crimson light slowly drowning in a silk cover surface of the lake.


Do not lose the physical shape in the extravaganza of culinary delights will help a tennis court, where the tossing of the ball, and developing hand in the backswing, you are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories. For those who are not so focused on the sports performance, perfect pool, good, that is located next to another and a bar. For the rest of the ideal Russian bath.


And next to the green area is gorgeous strip of beach where the sand buried in the luxurious lounges and comfortable stay near Lake bestow even umbrellas. A warm waters of Issyk-Kul and attract plenty swim or just splash around.


Especially for young guests in a pleasant shade is a beautiful playground, where you can relish to play with their peers, to swing on the swings dizziness, climb under heaven by climbing frame or slide down the vertiginous hill.