The small town of Chok-Tal is known not only spectacular scenery and breathtaking views of Lake Issyk-Kul, but also some of the best Kyrgyzstan hotels, which are located nearby. In this category, no doubt, and refers pension sun. And let the unpretentious name does not fool you – this is not only a place for relaxation, designed exclusively for couples with children. Just as adults who are lucky enough to be here, happy and having fun, that small children. Thanks to the exceptional service, inexhaustible supply of entertainment and inexpressible comfort of accommodation guests completely forget about all the worries and troubles of everyday life.


To get here, you need only get to the Chok-Tal, and better to choose as a vehicle transfer, not a bus. Chok-Tal is located more than 200 km from Bishkek, and a trip by public transport can be tiring after comfort offered during flights Uzbekistan Airways. Transfers can be requested at time of booking. Tour operator Kyrgyzstanfind this hotel one of the most comfortable in the area, and therefore a cheap round here no easy solution.


One of the secrets of a carefree and full of bliss will be the perfect holiday the number of rooms. And here the sun can be proud of. In sparkling with all shades of emerald, malachite in velvet, with care and tact posted cozy two-storey cottages. As designing used modern designs and latest technology, and therefore the appearance and the interior charm and pleasing appearance reasonable layout. Each room consists of three rooms. Here there is a living room, where cozy curled up in an easy chair or sprawled wearily on the couch, you can lazily flipping TV channels, or search for something interesting on the Internet. The interior decoration and luxury furniture gives your rest flair of sophistication. This contributes to the elegant bedroom, where the bed beckons boundless depths of sweet sleep. The room can be found even a small kitchen where you can prepare yourself a snack or make a cup of delicious tea. In the living room, next to the wide panoramic windows, built a fireplace that in the cool twilight so nice sink and drinking something delicious, mined in the minibar, watch as the sky is covered with velvet pearl droplets of stars. Another great place for a romantic get-together is a wide terrace, inviting comfortable wicker furniture and great views of the surrounding scenery. Bathrooms gently warm the feet warm floors and offer a swim in the spacious bath, which is filled with mineral water. This water is very salutary effect on the musculoskeletal system. In addition to the Jacuzzi and shower cabin, here, unlike many hotels in Kyrgyzstan, there is also a bidet.


Lure of this luxury can, perhaps, only a magnificent indoor swimming pool with an impressive 25 meters in length. It nourishes the same mineral water, so swim and just lazy rocking on the surface will be a double benefit. A visit this wonder of bathing at any time of day or night, so freshen up and come here sometimes after a fun evening program – in fact, after a swim in the warm waters so sweet sleep. Those who prefer sports activities carried out on land will appreciate the excellent site with wonderful modern fitness equipment. For fans of the elegant tennis there are two great courts, where it is possible to work on the pitch and had a good run. The same, but in a more compact form, offering tables for ping-pong. However, you can select another game to your taste, you just go to the rental. A tire out the muscles in physical effort, you can relax in the sauna relaxing haze.


Emerald smoothly shaded terrace in the turquoise expanse of the Issyk-Kul, and only a thin white strip of sand separates the green from blue. Here you can safely sunbathe, sprawled on a comfortable sun lounger, those who did not pamper the rays of light, and fired, can hide in the cool shade, bestowed tents. At the dock waiting for their boats, jet skis and proud, Graystripe yacht. Those who prefer to control their own speed, fast catamaran boats prefer. If the whole family wants to pass the test of skill, lost in a cloud of spray, then you will find a well-fed banana. Do you prefer to look at the beach fun with bird’s eye view, take off on a parachute behind a boat.


For those who are too much strain on vacation does not like to open a billiards room. Near a variety of works tempts library. And hide from other travelers can be in the twilight of the cinema, and of the film at the same time to see, or dissolved in the clatter of the keys of the computer club. Do you want to celebrate and throw a grand celebration, the banquet hall. On a hot afternoon to drink a delicious tea in an authentic atmosphere, and feel like a real oriental person can be in a local teahouse.


In the evening, the most cheerful and joyful waiting for the local nightclub Anaconda, where each time new music sounds, and within two hours you can shake and writhing his body in different rhythms. You prefer to sit quietly at bedtime with a glass of something strong, one eye some sports show – welcome to the bar.


However, some games cannot eat, they burn and do not saturate the calories. So, an excellent restaurant and cafes, tempting visitors dishes of Chinese and European cuisine, will be very helpful. However, the food here is paid for separately. But given the unparalleled quality of preparation and price, it does not plunge the visitors in the embarrassment and grief.


For the precious children in the territory is built playground with all sorts of entertainment for kids. Young and Darrell Bremen awaits local zoo, where you can enjoy plenty and even entertain with something tasty our smaller brethren.