Okhotny Dvor

For those coming from the rest is waiting for not only exceptional comfort in the proposed number of rooms, but also very demanding leisure relates to the alleged insisting on sensitive and sophisticated organization of its own and it is advisable not holidaymakers ideal hotel Okhotny yard. Here guests can not only relax, but also to select one of the entertainments that it offers a great variety. A main advantage of sparkles and shimmers all are the colors of the natural blue just under the windows of the elegant houses.


To be in this fabulous location, you just take a flight Uzbekistan Airways, and then get to the small village Korumdu to transfer, or that will be much cheaper, but a little more tiring bus.


The cozy cottages, some of which are built up exclusively of natural wood, travelers will be able to find accommodation to your taste based on budget requirements and relying on any number of guests. The unique design, the use of environmentally friendly materials and constant comfort requirements of the domestic situation, a simple turn hotel rooms into a fine mansion. In addition to these cute little things like a great TV, tempting mini-bar and filling their luxurious bathroom, guests will undoubtedly plunged in ecstasy twists and unique comfort and softness of furniture, elegant interiors, and the scope of square meters. Some of the apartments you can even find a fireplace, which are cozy orange tones crackling and dancing flame will stain your evening filled with romance and unusual colors. Sami rooms sleep in a space of 2 to 4 rooms, allowing you to split the area for sleeping and entertaining, that sometimes it is very important to the town.


Tour operators Kyrgyzstan recommend this hotel to the guests, who prefer calm, but extremely luxurious holiday. The special atmosphere of the hotel gives the magnificent scenery. The park that surrounds the arms malachite charming cottages, decorated with perennial poles oak and pine trees, blue sky green script branches. On the shady alleys for pleasant walks, breathing clean, filled with fresh mountain snow, the scent of flowering plant air and admiring the azure waters dotted Issyk-Kul, modestly peeking through the twisted branches of greenery.


To part of the gastronomic and leisure hotel was exceptional, firstly, it included the cost of food three times a day at a local restaurant in the amount that you must pay for the accommodation, and secondly, to equip some great places where you can eat delicious food. In the main restaurant there is even an outdoor terrace, where summer days in the sun, you can eat, or just do not hesitate to absorb edible masterpieces. And in the evening, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves, it’s so nice to drink a delicious cocktail or something stronger. If you would like more intimate atmosphere, and could do with musical accompaniment meal, you can go into a charming hall, where the romance and charm of the fireplace, framed by musical attempts by other guests at the karaoke. For those who are on vacation plans with pomp and scale note any event, opens its doors to the banquet hall, it is ready to accept up to 20 merry.


Real hedonists are waiting and superbly equipped SPA-complex. Here you can try on her mortal shell is one of the 10 massage options, turn into something incredibly useful, and simply designed to bring extraordinary freshness and health of your skin. Really, you can relax, breathing the invigorating scents and restore luster and shine to his mortal body with scrubs. There is even a popular anti-cellulite program. And you can relax in the Finnish sauna without any procedures. The complex offers cosmetology on quite a professional level.


And on a gorgeous beach, where the thinnest veil of sand are surrounded by sun loungers legs and wide umbrellas painted openwork shade, offers all sorts of entertainment, sports, and not very much. You can jump in an attempt to repel the ball in volleyball, desperately fighting the attraction and sand. Recover the full lapping waves, the fresh wind and solar spray boat trip on the mysterious waters of Lake Issyk-Kul. Those who are not tempted by the sun’s heat can warm up enough in a Russian bath. You can plunge into the inviting waters of the lake, and a separate beauty gives pungent aroma smoke sauna stoked with wood.


To make certain the raid of adventure can go riding in the mountains. Horseback riding – it’s surprisingly romantic excursion. But the adventure can be found on site. Here, a rarity for Kyrgyzstan hotels , equipped with a small pond, where there are carp and pike-perch. They can not only enjoy, but also to fish with the proper skill.