On the northern end of the scenic, palm lying in cozy snow-capped mountains, Issyk-Kul lake, near the popular village of Chok-Tal, where many Kyrgyz hotel lies Goodlake hotel. To get to this charming area just enough to make a non-burdensome flight Uzbekistan Airways to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and then a fabulous shuttle trip itself takes just over three hours, and during it, you can see a lot of amazing and fascinating images that reflect the life of rural Kyrgyzstan.


Six cozy buildings, secluded green veil of lush Kusch, pampered guests not only comfort, but also almost homey feel. Tour operator Kyrgyzstan recommend this pension for those guests who would prefer not to spend the budget planned for the vacation, all sorts of unnecessary services which over the rest they do not need. Loud disco sounds and rhythms not bother annoying holiday makers quiet and calming neighborhood of virgin nature, imposing Colossi of old trees and the sharp peaks of the mountains, melting in the blue distance, set up on a calm way. It will appeal to those who are looking for peace, rather than an active holiday. However, young couples who would like to find a cheap accommodation but want a couple of times to get a « night », please close proximity of the hotel, where you can go in search of adventure and evening entertainment. Sami rooms offer the comfort of home and are required attributes comfortable stay as comfortable furniture and a fully equipped bathroom.


In addition, the guesthouse offers and exclusive catering. Apart from the fact that when you place here, you three times a day will be sure to delight tasty dishes (meals included), the very food cooked on natural fire without using gas and electric stoves, which allows you to save not only the taste, but also useful properties of food .


For a relaxing pastime is ideal for a cozy cinema hall, where in a pleasant semi-darkness, you can treat yourself to a view of exciting films. You can while away the evening in the cool buddy society, cue and billiard table – what else is needed for a perfect holiday. Is that just a computer room where you can not only roam the expanses of the global network, if your e-mail friend stayed at home, but also to entertain themselves some game. It will please both adults and small guests over the years.


Chic strip of sand, white ribbon framing the emerald green of the territory, and beckons with comfortable lounge chairs and shade umbrellas tempting. The clear waters of the lake, you can lazily wander, or to break into a cloud of spray, jumping off the pier. Nearby is a small cafe, where, after the adoption of water treatments so nice up their power light snack and vivacity give some refreshing drink.