Pension Bellcanto bewitches truly charming family atmosphere and invites its guests to taste the joys of rest on the coast fascinating for its natural beauty of Lake Issyk-Kul. To reach the picturesque village of Tamchi, which is located near the hotel, it is only necessary to make a non-burdensome flight Uzbekistan Airways to the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, and from the shuttle or bus to reach the hotel. This accommodation option is perfectly suitable zealous travelers, who above all on vacation appreciate comfortable accommodation and private leisure are willing to do yourself. Perhaps the cheapest tour here is not so easy to find, but when buying last minute, the cost of accommodation will please travelers unbelievable.


The main pride of the boarding house – is an admirable number of rooms. Here you can find accommodation to suit all tastes, even the most demanding and diverse company, and most importantly at a cost that meets your family budget. A small number of rooms, and, consequently, the guests, are creating an indescribable charming atmosphere. And the most basic rooms here are equipped with such excesses pleasant as a warm floor in the bathroom, and internet access. Not to mention the mandatory TV with multiple channels, a refrigerator, cook together numerous goodies, and phone (not all of Kyrgyzstan hotels in the region to provide coverage cellular signal – so a landline phone – it’s not so much of the interior decoration, as necessary). A reasonably well thought-out layout will save you heaps of things moving by number.


In a more spacious apartment features a separate living room, where a stay on upholstered furniture, you cannot just lazily clicking the different channels, and watch your favorite movie, if you will not forget to write it on a flash card before a trip – here set « plasma ».


This hotel Kyrgyzstan wonderful choice for those who are planning a vacation is not so much as leaving a great company for a conference and various trainings. The picturesque environment with high peaks framing turquoise lagoon lake, as well as a quiet and cozy atmosphere remarkably promotes the assimilation of the material obtained. Local halls, ready to receive within its walls up to 50 students, advanced equipment and waste supply system allow organizing a business event for everyone.


For fans of active recreation in the territory it is equipped with a great court, where you can work thoroughly on the killer pitch, and a volleyball court. For those who prefer a different kind of battle, is to visit the local computer room.


Lined with white sand beach is tempting to lie down in the gentle rays of the sun on one of the sun loungers. Protect from light to hide his shadow spreading umbrella. And the waves, ready at the first call whirl away in the distance lake, swaying speedboats and jet skis. Do you prefer the speed and the sea spray, try to stay in the fancy jumping on a funny banana. You like to control the speed in accordance with their own muscular effort – you are waiting for pedal catamarans. Or you can just splash and measure taut expanse of lake water with powerful strokes.


Three times a day a local restaurant as scheduled, pampers guests with exquisite dishes, tempting them, European dishes, the local delicacies. Limit yourself to a tasting of culinary excesses reason no, unless you keeps himself strictly controlling the enjoyment of such exquisite pleasures like delicious food. Power already paid when booking. Fans of intoxicating beer unusually delight pub. Those between standard and meals ready to treat yourself to something tasty, with interest and try to learn the local cafe menu.