Tourist Azerbaijan

Shining with hospitable smiles, Azerbaijan is sincerely glad to open its arms to those who dream of unforgettable, full sunny days on the waters of the Caspian Sea, and dreams to return vivacity to their body in Naftalan. This is where you can use oil for your health. Visit the multifaceted Baku, surprising with the scope of southern hospitality, get acquainted with the ancient settlements of the Great Silk Road, which have become bright colorful cities.

It is likely that you, like many other guests who have come to this ancient land, wonder what kind of city this is, what determines its nature. Strong influence was exerted by the neighborhood with Persia and Turkey, along with this one can not deny the obvious influence of Russia. It is worthwhile to look at the colorful colors of carpets woven by Azerbaijan’s skilled craftsmen, to admire the local delicious pilaf, to taste fragrant tea and then you will understand that this city is a real fusion of all the traditions of neighboring peoples. Tour operators in Azerbaijan offer on these lands all options for recreation, from sightseeing and ending with medical.

Currently, Baku is quickly built up by modern beautiful buildings, it is committed to new goals, but its wealth still remains petrochemical products and natural beauty. For example, there are several national parks of the ecological direction. There are also subtropics near the border with Iran. The oil of Azerbaijan will help you to become more healthy, you will be covered with “black gold” from head to foot.