Museum of Azerbaijan Literature. Nizami Ganjavi

In the 1930s in the USSR, Nizami Ganjavi was recognized as the national poet of the land of Azerbaijan. To the 800th anniversary of the classic of Persian poetry, the same-name memorial museum was opened, which is located near Icheri Sheher and near Fountain Square, next to the largest hotels in Azerbaijan.


Earlier on the site of the museum was the building of the famous Caravanserai, built in the second half of the century before last. By opening the museum in the museum, the building was specially restored, adding two floors and decorating the facade with 8 sculptures. Over the years, the building has been modernized and expanded many times, most recently in 2005. Now it necessarily includes in the program of the tour of Azerbaijan.


To date, the museum of Nizami Ganjavi is considered to be a museum of Azerbaijani literature, in which it is possible to exhibit 20% of historically important items of all artefacts stored in the local fund, which is almost 25 thousand. He was also recognized as the main center for studying the culture of writing of this beautiful country.


The museum presents more than three thousand manuscripts, many printed publications and illustrations, as well as painting and sculpture. But the real treasure of the whole collection is the poem of Ganjavi “Iskander-name”, written in the 15th century. Such amazing artifacts you will not see even during the rest in Uzbekistan.


Among the visitors are very popular autographs of writers and illustrations for ancient manuscripts in color. In the museum you can see such preserved to our time sketches to the poems of Nizami, as “Seven Beauties” or “Khosrov and Shirin”.


The oldest illustration of Nizami in the vastness of the Soviet Union was made in the Shiraz school of fine arts.


The building also has a book store, the products of which are presented in various languages. Tour operators of Azerbaijan recommend here to look at the true bibliophiles.


Sculptures of the facade of the museum are great figures of Azerbaijani culture, among which the woman – Nativen Khurshidbana, a famous poet of the 19th century – is represented for the first time.