Mosque of Mohammed or Sinyk-kala

The oldest mosque in Azerbaijan is the mosque of Muhammad, more called Sinyk-kala. The fact that the sanctuary is not one hundred years old, says an Arabic inscription on the stove at the entrance.

Its construction came to the end in 1079. The erection of the legendary mosque was held under the guidance of an experienced master Muhammad Abu Bakr. From the mosque of Muhammad to the mosque of Sinyk-kala, it was renamed later – in 1723, when the capital of Azerbaijan was captured by the regiment of Peter I. During the shelling, the sanctuary was not completely preserved, alas. One core still destroyed part of the minaret, then the parishioners and called the mosque – Sons-kala, in translation it means the destroyed tower. By the way, it was the dilapidated part of the minaret that became the hallmark of the mosque, it has not been restored to this day. A similar story will surprise you during your holiday in Uzbekistan.

Admire this building can only men, such is the law of the Muslim world, which is strictly observed. Everyone who entered the mosque of Muhammad, in fact, like any other in the Icheri Shekher, bows his head in the name of the Most High. It is true that this rule is followed not only by faith, but also by the architecture of the mosque, because the entrance is crowned by an arch that is much lower than the height of a person. So this part of the tour in Azerbaijan can be interesting only to the representatives of the stronger sex.

The mosque itself is a two-level mosque and is illuminated only by the sunlight of a single window and hardly a flickering light of lamps. The exterior decoration also has a distinctive feature – the mihrab, in the form of a semi-cylindrical shape, goes beyond the wall line.