Узбекская кухня. Салат Ташкент_02 Узбекская кухня. Салат Ташкент_01 Узбекская кухня. Салат Ташкент

To make “Tashkent”-salad you will need the following ingredients:

Boiled beef, radish, onion, mayonnaise or sour-cream, a bunch of greens, eggs, vegetable oil, black-pepper, salt. You’ll necessitate five hundreds gramms of red-radish, 150 boiled-beef, two hen’s-eggs, onions – 2 pieces, sour cream or mayonaise – one hundred grams, 1 greens-bunch decorate exquisite assortment, insert little vegetable-oil (approximatly thirty gram) and salt, pepper – to taste.

Brush radish-roots, cut into small straw, rinse and put under cold water, for about half an hours (it is compulsory so to remove bitterness and specific smell). After half’n hour, take out radish-root, throw it back on colander and wait until aqua gets trickled down. Chop meat in straws as well. Mix radish-root’nd meats. Add salt, peppers, onions. Stir everything properly. Ready gallimaufry put in salad-bowl, garnish with truncated herbs, add vegetable’s-oil and thoroughly chopped simmered-eggs. Instead of boiled-eggs you can include finely sheared egg-pancake. Salad’s perfect in bowl with chill snacks. Enjoy your meal! For purchasing traveling tickets to any eastern country contact Uzbekistan tour agency. All necessary information available on our website.