Resorts of Uzbekistan

The famous resorts of Uzbekistan:

what places you need to be sure to visit the tourist?


Numerous resorts of Uzbekistan known to the whole world. We offer a quality holiday in Uzbekistan, the price of which will surprise you.


Professional visitors with more experience are well aware that many of Uzbekistan resorts perfectly combine high quality and reasonable prices. Regardless of the tastes and preferences of tourists coming to Uzbekistan from different continents, here everyone can find rest that he really like:

  • Mountain Tours;
  • Skiing;
  • Historical and cultural expeditions and so on.


Experience shows that the vacation in Uzbekistan, the price of which always remains attractive for end users, is a great investment. In the country there are many themed resorts that allow taking into account the interests of any traveler:

  • The recreation area “Bogi Shamol”;
  • The recreation area “Kyzyl- Suv”;
  • Resort “Sky Village”;
  • Entertainment complex “Green Paradise”;
  • The mountain resort “Archazor”;
  • Resort “Chatkal Maunteyns”;
  • The recreation area “Crocus Park”;
  • The recreation area “Charos DeLuxe Resort is & Spa” and so hereinafter.


Each rest area in Uzbekistan has a clear focus, but this does not exclude the presence of other nice options for tourists. For example, the world-famous ski resorts offer not only the opportunity to test their strength, descended from the mountain, but cozy cabins, hotel rooms, entertainment and so on. Through this approach, these holiday resorts have been actively used as platforms for negotiation at various levels.


Resorts of Uzbekistan were recognized in the near and far abroad


Such a democratic approach allows each year to expand the number of tourists. For example, rest in Uzbekistan Russian citizens has long been commonplace. Visa-free regime and an abundance of flights from all major cities of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan makes a great place to relax at any time of the city.


It should certainly be noted that the country’s resorts attract the attention of visitors even from other continents. Each year, an increasing number of inhabitants of distant countries who wish to visit Uzbekistan, Samarkand and other cities of the country. Everyone is looking for an outlet in Uzbekistan and its salvation from the monotony of city life. Whether they are able to find it here? A large number of enthusiastic responses and smiles on the faces of the tourists who come here again, says that Uzbekistan has taken the right course.