2. Музей истории Самарканда «Афрасиаб»

Everyone who has ever been on wonderful Samarkand tour, could say one thing with full confidence. City architecture mesmerizing, moreover, leaves a lasting impression. This mysterious and hospitable conurbation possesses an interesting foundation secret. Samarkand chronology gallery can reveal it.

Name Afrasyab, or Afrosiab, had been given in ancient village honor having the same naming. Situated near ruins where it’s located. More concretely, along way off antique Khazret-Hyzr mosque. Opening’s timed to coincide with two thousand’nd five hundredth Samarkand’s founding anniversary. Contact decent company Elite Tours International, keep learning uniqueness of historic sites.

Showroom was founded approximately 1970, inside building designed by famous architect Bagdasar Arzumanian from Armenia. Specifically for permanent exposure. It hast about twenty-five thousands original plus one-of-a-kind exhibits. According to them, it possible trace life including lifestyle of people living in antediluvian settlement.

Obvious example, one of most curious expositions — antiquated sewer system sample. Also, amazing fresco from ancient palace, owned by legendary Ihshid dynasty. Strolling through archaic site with Uzbekistan travel operator, visitors get astonishing opportunity absorb people’s energy inhabiting during that era.