Tours in Samarkand


Ancient Samarkand city is the greenest municipality in Uzbekistan. There’s still universal boulevard that’ll surely, please tourists with its vegetation during summer. Exuberant colors’ panorama in autumn, and white fluffy tree branches in winter. Whenever anyone would come here, Samarkand’ll keep surprising him unceasingly. Having bought a Samarkand tour from Moscow you’re bound to eternal enjoyment, admiring beautiful photos and Uzbek national culture.

Elite Tours International actualized excursion program not only for observing magnificence of megalopolis, but also learn how it was created. Obtaining peregrination tickets toward Central Asian countries has become much easier and cheaper for our Russian neighbors. Millennial history can be yours, if you take opportunity to consider tours towards this conurbation. Everyone could find something precious for his own soul. Uzbekistan tours from Moscow’s worth that experience! Samarkand trips are programmed especially for such people like you — dreamers’n real beauty connoisseurs!

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