National Palace “Ruhiyet” Congress and Arts

Architectural building a national scale, the construction of which took place in the period from 1997 to 1999, it has long since become not only a landmark event in the Turkmen architecture, but also an indicator of the state policy in the field of formation of national culture. Palacio de Congresos “Ruhiyet”, next to which are located many hotels of Turkmenistan, was built by renowned French architect commissioned by the first President of Turkmenistan.


The upper part of the palace is decorated with turquoise domes, and the construction itself is decorated with white marble. In a central part of the National Palace has a 5-storey structure on both sides of the adjacent wings:

  • The western part of the building includes a spacious conference room, administrative facilities and the business plan, the place for meetings. The overall interior design of the building is decorated with also white marble , a variety of valuable species of trees and granite;
  • The east wing of the complex is reserved for socially important rooms, such as a library, a concert hall and so on.


Each year, the National Palace takes all kinds of events of public and international character:

  • Meeting of the Government;
  • Inauguration;
  • Forums of various kinds;
  • Party congresses and so on.


The total capacity of all the halls of the palace is nearly 3 000 people who get their hands on modern equipment:

  • Huge plasma monitors;
  • Office equipment;
  • Microphones;
  • Simultaneous translation equipment;
  • Dining room with a large hall .


Every year, Art Palace is the venue for various exhibitions and concerts that promote the national culture. “The highlight of the” palace “Ruhiyet” stood presidential carpet, a total area of almost three hundred square meters. carpet weight exceeds one ton. In late 2008, the area at the National Palace has been added luxury fountain.


Nowadays, almost every tour in Turkmenistan is not complete without a visit to this palace.