Nature reserve “Markakolsky”

Отдых в природных заповедниках и парках Казахстана

Unique in its diversity of natural reserve is located in the eastern part of Kazakhstan. Located a specially protected natural area near Lake Markakol, whose area exceeds almost thirty-eight kilometers. The scientists were able to establish that the depth of the lake level fluctuates between twenty to thirty meters. The natural boundaries of the reservoir are the backbone Kuchum and Azutau.


The natural body of water receives nourishment directly from a variety of lakes, being a source of a full-flowing river Kalzhir. The lake water is particularly soft and vapidity, a large variety of fish species. It should also be noted that only here you can find representatives uskuch family, who have long been included in the National Red Book.


Most of the mountain slopes, located in the park complex, covered with deciduous and fir forest. Famous subalpine meadows, located at the foot of the mountains, have always been known for great diversity of species of medicinal herbs:

  • The root of gold;
  • Crassifolia;
  • Maral root..


Widely represented here and fauna, for example, in the virgin forests of the complex can be seen:

  • Elk;
  • A Fox;
  • Maral;
  • Falcon;
  • Grouse;
  • Sable and so on.