Almaty City could be called the Kazakh New York, after the name of both of them is related to apples. However, for the New York called the “Big Apple” – is an unofficial naming and Almaty is translated from Kazakh as “apple”. This romantic definition given once the capital of Kazakhstan, was given to the city in gratitude for the wonderful fragrant apples, these crunchy and juicy fruit pleasing to the whole country. The largest city, Almaty, emerald, only recently changed its status. The capital of the state for decades of the last century, it is only 3 years before the onset of the 21st century has given this prerogative Astana. However, the city still has a special status and secretly called the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Activities in Kazakhstan, as well as vacation in Uzbekistan, for many begin with a visit to the capital.


The capital was moved here in 1997, by the decision, which took shape in the presidential decree of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Now, most government agencies are located in Astana, which took over the capital from Almaty title. However, this change is not diminished importance of the city in the country’s life, special status was assigned to Almaty in 1998. There are many different factories and enterprises. The city seethes and boils business life, here are flocking cash flows not only from different parts of the country, but also from other countries, can be found here, and branches, as well as the head offices of the largest banks, representations of famous transatlantic corporations.


The city is alive and growing for over 150 years. During this time, on the territory of the settlement, then the city sprawling to the city, was built many great buildings and founded many wonderful museums, and staffed by the richest collections. The city is known for its lush gardens and, alleys and amazing, and is decorated with magnificent monuments. So magnificent cultural tourism with a keen sightseeing and familiarity with a variety of unique pieces of architecture visitors to the city are provided. A concrete jungle close to the suburbs gives way to lush national parks. Besides, Almaty is located near the world-famous ice rink, cast high in the mountains. Almaty visited by many tourists from different countries, including Uzbekistan, the prices are always encouraging travelers.


The history of the city is full of amazing events like the death-defying, joyful and filled with sadness and gloomy drama. The city over the years has gone through a lot of tests, I have experienced many ups and downs, some buildings have sunk into oblivion, and monuments were erased, but city residents, who consider themselves the guardians of his true heritage is remembered and painstakingly restore the lost pages and the former image of the city. Respect for history and a sincere love for his native city – these are the features that its atmosphere and amazing charm cultivate Almaty.


Not only the colorful history famous city, carefully guarding the heritage of our ancestors, this metropolis with curiosity and confidence looks into the future, trying to sensitively respecting the heritage of their ancestors, Almaty give even more beauty and convenience. Therefore, tourism in Kazakhstan is developing even faster, tourism in Uzbekistan, reviews say about it. In 2011, there appeared a subway that amazing for lying in the mountain city, moreover, in a seismically active zone. The amazing quality of work performance and well thought-out infrastructure allowed Almaty “underground” to win the award for the quality of ESQR hand, the European Society for Quality Research.


The city itself was built in the heart of Eurasia, in the south-east of the country, which largely determines the local climate, as well as the image of Almaty. Uniform parallel connects the city with Vladivostok and Gagra. Almaty beautifully decorated with a necklace of mountains, breathtaking slopes that descend to the shady gardens, owned by Trans-Ili Alatau, this range is at the northern Tien Shan. Therefore, not only the rich apple orchards known Almaty, but also the amazing mountain scenery. The city itself, buildings and boulevards occupy over 170 square kilometers. Rich green valley, which took refuge Almaty, powered life-giving water of two rivers, the Greater and Lesser Almatinka that saturate numerous tributaries. Water flows originate high in the mountains, where clean water from melting glaciers flows down streams, waterfalls and rifts in the urban ponds. That is why the water is very clean. In addition to the beautiful water streams, spectacular waterfalls, and secluded lagoons crystal-clear lakes, narrow and shady gorges are various helpful sources, sulfur and radon hot. That’s why the neighborhood Almaty gutted so many health centers and various clinics. Medical tourism in Kazakhstan, even ahead of the same tourism in Uzbekistan, in the opinion he It is at a surprisingly high level.