It is a unique institution – is the restaurant “Verona”, which combines within its walls not only a place to a hearty lunch or a festive dinner, but also a few cinemas, karaoke club and a coffee bar. Small corner of Italian luxury, which separates you only Uzbekistan Airways flight to Yerevan.


One of the unique offerings is the local cinema, intended for different groups from romantic couples to large and lively campaigns. The largest room can accommodate a dozen guests. Refined and elegantly decorated rooms, heavy leather couches and big screens placed over an open hearth. All this creates an atmosphere of classic English club. The chambers are equipped with intercom, on which you can order any drinks and snacks, and the film chosen by the visitors of the number proposed. You would like to include in the tour program to visit Armenia in the cinema, then you should go here.


Beside a dark burgundy corridor with several doors that lead to different cinema halls, there is a small bar. Here, under the pleasant music, and elegant frame, you can enjoy a delicious cocktail or a cup of coffee.


Waiting impatiently for their turn do not have – in the great hall have as many as four of the screen, where the speaker tells the words of the songs. By the way, here are also welcome duets, the ladies here shooting for free, but only if accompanied by gallant gentlemen. So if the soul longs to pour out in singing, but in Yerevan you are in splendid isolation, it is necessary to urgently find a mate having an ear for music. If you would like to spend the club’s birthday or other celebration seed, you be happy to help staff. For major holidays, you can invite a special master. And every evening ends with a spectacular live performance of Armenian artists.


The restaurant “Verona” every evening on Saturday, at eight o’clock in the evening, begins the real holiday incendiary dances in latino style. Everyone is welcome to come and try out the roles of the dancers. Especially because talented choreographers will give the basics, even a completely incompetent performers na, who completely lack of coordination of limbs. By the way, during the evening there is a competition for the best artist, and won a month will be able to learn the tricks of Latin dance, and an accomplished free of charge.


Such exciting entertainment cannot but arouse the appetite. So it is very convenient that the same building there is also a restaurant, where guests “Verona” can eat delicious food, which is prepared according to old recipes of the Armenian and Georgian cuisine. For unpretentious snacks are ideal European dishes, such as pizza or sandwiches.


And that meal was more intense, it can be accompanied or fresh juices, tea or coffee, or something stronger. Fortunately, there is an almost complete collection of spirits and a good selection of wines and delicious beers. This abundance cannot be found and while relaxing in Uzbekistan.


To evening was truly endowed with oriental luxury, lacking only a hookah. And here, too, it can be ordered. Fortunately that the wealth of the tobacco taste is simply amazing – it’s a peach, and pomegranate and cherry, but also watermelon, coconut and more.


The restaurant always sounds soft and relaxing music, and if in the first half of the day this is a great collection of classical records, the evening here come musical groups that perform different compositions live. Violin, saxophone and piano – these are the main participants of the nightly concert


By the way, during the passage of major sporting events, various championships and major events, significant events are shown on large screens installed in all the rooms of the restaurant. So there is glad and sports fans, and are always ready to support them in their hobby.


“Verona” complex is always happy to see guests from nine in the morning until midnight, and karaoke halls are open until two o’clock in the morning. The establishment is near major thoroughfares of the city, so to get here from your hotel in Armenia will not make labor.