Tsakhkadzor – it’s a real resort, and because in the local stores and shops you can find everything – from edible and ending with ski equipment. Sold here and charming crafts, as well as man-made items by local artists, which is quite possible to include in the series of brilliant works of art. The most popular purchases are clearly part and cognac, as well as local sweets and spices. You think suitcase heavier than any of the sports equipment, while planning a visit to Tsakhkadzor better at the end of the season, at the beginning the price will not be as attractive.


To complete the cash did not spoil the holiday gluttony and shopping, with a cost to capture a bank card.  Tsakhkadzor does not belong to the category of luxury resorts – the money here fly quickly, in the euphoria of the relative cheapness well, I want to try everything, everything, everything.


In the vastness of Tsakhkadzor, many prefer to relax not only the icy winter, but summer and the serene. To the continued health benefits was particularly noticeable, you need to stay in the main sports complex or far from it. A whole series of special facilities were built in the second half of the twentieth century, when Tsakhkadzor chosen as one of the bases for the training of representatives of the Olympic team that defended the honor of the Soviet Union at the games in ’68 the last century. Incidentally, the construction has not lost its unique value so far, here are happy to spend time in saturated training as Armenian athletes and Russian teams. But they are not expropriated the facilities completely, so that improve the physical shape and there may well be mere mortals, to which may include the travelers themselves.


In the complex you can find several different sports halls, where you can undergo training in a variety of sports, and along with the magnificent Olympic swimming pool, the largest and only equipped in Tsakhkadzor. The pond is divided into eight lanes, and thus push here, churning the water and bumping into neighbors certainly do not have to. Besides all these advantages, it is also popular in Armenia hotel.