The hotel complex “Kecharis”

Fascinating mountain slopes, incredible slopes and dense forests – it’s Tsakhkadzor. Even the resort’s name sounds like a sharp mountain peaks, towering to the heavens. Here, even the air is more useful than all the vitamin cocktails together. That is why many athletes come here for training saturated. A hemoglobin oxygen inhalation of the local cocktail, rises faster than if eating for days on end beef with buckwheat, drinking pomegranate juice these dishes. In Tsakhkadzor you can find many hotels – is part of the city center, near the vibrant and busy resort life, with its elegant restaurants, charming taverns, cozy bars, and amazing shopping. Do you prefer to stay closer to the mountains, where a gentle cloud enveloping silence broken only by the chirping of birds but the rustle of the wind in the trees and the sky seems to be the azure dome, choose Armenia hotel , located near the bottom of the lift bar. It refers to the last hotel “Kecharis.” Tour Operators of Armenia recommend it for travelers who prefer to stay as close as possible to the slopes or a higher value on peace and quiet rather than the hustle and crush spa centers. In order to get to this hotel you just book a flight Uzbekistan Airways , and then by bus or taxi to get to Tsakhkadzor. Although it is best to order a transfer in the hotel.


“Kecharis” – is one the most modern resort hotels. It was rebuilt in 2006. Despite the relatively modest number of rooms, they are all thirty-four, thanks to sophisticated checking system here can fit about ninety people. The hotel provides different categories of apartments, but most of the chambers can accommodate two or three people. The hotel offers accommodation in very comfortable rooms, there is only a modest economy, and the remaining quarters this junior class and above. This diversity is rarely seen, planning to vacation in the cities of Uzbekistan .


Elegant, harmonious silhouette of different building elaborately inscribed in the surrounding landscape. The interior decoration of the hotel also features an elegant and well thought-out interior of each stroke. The pastel colors of the walls, sophisticated selection of textiles and delicately inscribed in the surroundings of the hotel furniture – give all chambers amazing comfort. At the same time it feels that the Armenia Hotel was built relatively recently. All items of interior decoration are so pleasant novelty prints.


In each room, regardless of its category, has access to wireless internet, which decorates its playfulness stay within these walls. Resting on the luxurious bedroom bed can treat yourself to fun switching channels, the TV is connected to a satellite dish. In addition to the mini-bar, tempting their wealth dull night at times, there is also a large refrigerator that you can score all sorts of delicacies, mined in the surrounding shops. Enjoy listening to music – there is a good center, prefer art films popular programs, grab a couple of disks, CD-player also is available. But take unnecessary sense makeup samples is not – in the bathroom, you can find everything you need for washing. Some rooms offer a cozy and a set of fluffy bathrobe and slippers.


For those who visit the resort would like to combine with a business, the hotel can offer a great hall, where you can organize a conference or a seminar, and, quite decent in size, since these walls can accommodate up to 150 people. The hotel has repeatedly hosted scientific exhibitions and major conferences, but because, except for the rooms, the hotel has all the necessary equipment, including audio and video equipment, microphones, projectors, large screen and much more.


The hotel is open ski equipment and other sports equipment. For example, you can rent a bike or other vehicle. You can go hiking in the surrounding forests, of course, if you were not here in the dead of winter.


For guests do not get bored in the evening, there are several discos, and their accuracy can work out at the bowling alley. As it should be in a decent hotel, there is a beauty salon and a spa center, where various treatments are available.