Restaurant-Café “Tatevatun”

The restaurant is really hovering over the picturesque gorge, and it seems that being on top of the world – this place “Tatevatun”. It is located next to the cable car “Wings of Tatev”, which links the village Halidzor and famous medieval monastery. These attractions are necessarily included in the program a good tour of Armenia. If you come here to ride on a charming cabin over a deep, gray tusks cliffs, gorges and walk through the quiet and secluded stone-grey labyrinths of the ancient monastery, do not go to a restaurant it would be unwise. Calmly sit down over a cup of latte, green waterfalls enjoying the slopes, or pay tribute to the local cuisine – in any case, your visit to Tatevatun remembered you. Unless you are in a state of blissful satiety, it is worth to try something from the dishes served in this institution.


The fact that the dishes served here are traditional of this region, Syunik, and find them somewhere else else, including the capital, will not be easy. Tour Operators of Armenia definitely recommend visiting this restaurant to everyone who came to see the monastery Tatev. There are amazing dishes of lamb and other meats, and excellent tender vegetables, stewed or grilled, and most importantly a special selection of herbs. Cheese fans will be delighted by the rich dishes, where sliced, white and gold pieces, generously sprinkled with spices, decorated with fresh vegetables and flavored with fragrant oil, tempt your taste indescribable. Apart from special meals there to try and familiar to any fan of cooking Armenian kyufta, dolma or hash. A trip to the mountains is always an extraordinary appetite awakens, and therefore should pay tribute and present Armenian shish kebab. Enjoy succulent, roasted over charcoal chunks of meat, slowly sipping a ruby ​​wine and admire the ice-covered helmets mountain glaciers colossus, dark cones stand out from the vast blue of the sky, is not that the essence of true rest in Armenia. But the vacation in Uzbekistan if you so please unlikely. For those who prefer European cuisine and children, which sandwich and burger every mile of spicy barbecue, the restaurant offers an excellent selection of dishes and such. In the autumn or in the spring, you can comfortably hide in the great hall, where the panoramic windows wide, reaching to the floor, draw a picture of incredible mountain scenery. And in the summer it offers a spacious sun terrace, where a light breeze coming down from the snow-capped peaks, so nice blasted face.


Kitchen Tatevatun restaurant really is high quality, which is why in the institution often approached by various organizations or just individuals who need to organize a holiday, or to provide delicious food and any business event.


The restaurant is open all week except Monday, from ten in the morning until seven in the evening. Try the local culinary delights can be from May to November.



Location: Next to the “Tatever”

Phone: +374 77 39 55 66