Recreation center “Impulse”

Located in the north of Dilijan tempt inquisitive travelers of extraordinary natural beauty of these places. Framed thick green flowing dunes mountains, dense thicket, hiding in the mysterious twilight of lawn studded with bright colors, and the river Aghstev, silk ribbon flowing through the city, all this paints a surprising picture. That is why Dilijan is primarily known as a city of artists, who gave the world more than a brilliant talent. However, not only the ancient streets and picturesque suburbs known this place. The clean mountain air, amazing in its mildness climate and medicinal springs established his reputation as one of the most exciting resorts in Armenia. Tour Operators of Armenia consider Dilijan ideal place to care for his mortal body can be combined with great cultural and cognitive rest, season with its gastronomic voyages and tours by local art shops.


But if in Armenia includes a tour for you and wellness, then as a placement should choose one of the health centers or recreation centers. For example, the “Impulse”.This Armenia hotel was built in the mid-seventies of the last century and has recently overcome the period of reconstruction that will update all of the medical and add a few nice additions to the list of services. You can just settle for a few days to explore all the beauty offered Dilijan, or stay for a longer period with the same benefits for your body.


Armenia hotel itself is not too big and can offer accommodation for about forty rooms. They are designed mainly to family travelers, although there are apartments for holidaymakers couples. Wellness Center has chosen to accommodate a surprisingly beautiful and quiet area, located at some distance from the city center. The large park, elegantly framing the facade, made ​​in the classic style of the mountain hotels the mid-twentieth century, offers a quiet and leisurely walks. Walk, breathe fresh air and enjoy a peaceful picture of the surrounding green mountain slopes. Accommodation here is inexpensive compared with Uzbekistan, on the procedures and accommodation prices are quite reasonable.


The “Impulse” has a wonderful restaurant, pampering guests mainly Armenian cuisine dishes and a hearty and delicious breakfast. Here, if you wish, you can hold a ceremony, as a modest family-scale and calculated on the horde of guests. Near the restaurant is a nice bar, decorated in dark colors and laden with furniture made ​​of wood rich chocolate tones. The cozy bar stools and comfortable chairs are tempted to spend a couple of hours in the company of friendly people and delicious drinks.


To visitors do not get bored in the evening here is equipped with a game room, which offers classic entertainment such as billiards, kicker and ping-pong. So free evenings are not necessarily carried out in the room – you can stretch your legs and your fun.


The main advantage of “Impulse” – this is an excellent base for health treatments. Special purpose for her visit is not required, it does not specialize in certain ailments, and is engaged in general strengthening of the body. For general health improvement offers cover every centimeter of his body mud, to take a course of massage, try to imagine all the charm of electrotherapy. In addition, procedures menu aquatherapy decorated and quite usual physiotherapy. To strengthen the body to fight with all kinds of ailments and simply prolonging the youth of the body are ideal for the procedures that are carried out with the help of mineral water. This adoption of special baths, and the use of life-giving water during massages, and incredibly invigorating shower “Charcot”.


Nice to relax after a busy sightseeing day or procedures may be in a cozy sauna.  This hotel is in Armenia are generally very sensitive approach to the organization of entertainment for their young guests. In addition to the gorgeous park, the territory is a recent and luxury playground. Here peers campaign so much fun to check up on the slope of a hill or fly up in the sky on a swing.


And the presence of the conference hall allow to combine business with pleasure, and put into the “momentum” is important for your business meeting or small event – a seminar or training.


So tired from a busy holiday, you can always hide in the chambers. They are homely and create a charming atmosphere of relaxation in a family hotel. Travellers arriving in the winter, will appreciate the presence of central heating. There is also a television, regularly showing various satellite channels, a refrigerator, where you can hide all sorts of goodies found in Dilijan (as will a lot of them). From furniture rooms feature ample sleeping lodges, spacious closets, a table with a complete set of chairs, sitting at which you can comfortably eat. Almost all rooms have balconies. In addition to the standard double here has a few quadruple and triple rooms that are sure to please small family clans.