Do you like jazz and cannot imagine my life without this husky, full of restrained passion and sorrow, music, then you should definitely look into a stunning club “Mezzo”. This is real Mecca for fans of jazz music in Yerevan. It was in these walls are the famous Armenian jazz musicians as well as performers, who came from abroad. In the “Mezzo” it is usually going very close and friendly company of true and loyal fans of this style of music. Armenian tour operators it calls Jazz paradise.


The interior itself immediately adjusts the visitors in the desired fashion. Jazz – music hedonistic, it is necessary to enjoy freely seated in an easy chair, not frozen stiff in the position on an uncomfortable chair. The dark tones of the walls, comfortable furniture, bright, chocolate curtains flanking the stage backdrop, soft light, with bright spotlights survey again, protruding sharp and clear tones and amazing colonies that spiral piano keys rests directly on the ceiling. Alas inaccessible during the rest of Uzbekistan.


Hall consists of two levels and is divided into two zones – a chocolate and burgundy, where possible, a cozy sitting Campaign to enjoy not only music, but also a pleasant conversation or a leisurely eat local culinary delights. In order to make guests feel comfortable endlessly, they are offered to settle on couches or drowning in the lush chairs. These cozy corners as if the perfect set up for a romantic date or a friendly get-togethers fun campaign. By the way, if you did not find anything for yourself in an interesting menu, the waiter can perplex their own recipe, and if all the necessary ingredients required pudding you cook with pleasure. Such and not every hotel will meet Armenia. So that reigns at the club is really friendly and almost homely atmosphere of the place, where there are people associated with sincere love for jazz. Gentle sounds hoarse music you do not sweet without tart aroma of cigar smoke – offers a special room, where selecting from luxurious tobacco missiles menu, some especially delicious, brought from Liberty Island, or from Honduras.


The club hosts concerts every day. Local patrons – a group «Impression», «Imagine» and «Zara & Friend», frequent visitors here and Suren Arustamyan and DJ Dale.While on stage, and you can meet young jazz bands and performers coming from neighboring countries and even overseas edges. Jazz Tour in Armenia is unlikely to be without a visit to this restaurant.


Treat yourself to stunning music, delicious drinks and delicious food. The club is open until two in the morning, so it is also one of the places in the capital of Armenia, where you can tasty snack after midnight.



Tel.: (+ 374-10) 52 42 11

Mob.: (+ 374-98) 20 62 06

Address: RA, Yerevan, str. Isahakyan 28, 1/3