A wonderful restaurant just created in order to arrange a real feast of satiety – a restaurant “Aria”. It is open for more than ten years, and has consistently encouraged visitors delicious and simple dishes. You may not be able to find here some fine works of haute cuisine, but nice snack or a delicious and satisfying meal certainly will. Armenian tour operators recommend it to budget travelers, who appreciate good food. In addition to the magnificent specimens of Armenian cuisine, spicy and disarming incredible flavors, serving the best specimens and European dishes, as well as real masterpieces of eastern cooking, for example, non-transferable Persian dishes. In order to please guests, local bar is always ready to offer them something of spirits or a light meal in addition to a fragrant and refreshing tart tea or freshly squeezed juices.


“Aria” is located on two floors. The lower part is reserved for cafe – the atmosphere is more relaxed and easy, for example, can be smoked. Here they offer rather than dinner and a snack. The main characteristic of local dishes – they are prepared quickly. You can order sandwiches, pizza, salads and hot or cold snacks. Plan to relax in Yerevan inexpensive – undershot here it fits in the concept of low-cost travel. Upper floor – a patrimony of the restaurant, where talented and skilled chefs, some of whom were trained abroad, conjure with complicated hot dishes. For a real masterpiece usually referred schnitzel made from different types of meat, all kinds of options for pizza, juicy steaks of varying degrees of roast and the real king of the local menus – chateaubriand, steak tender under the traditional bearnez sauce. Serve it well, without the gypsy and exit, but in a special warmed platter. For the sake of this is to make dishes and Uzbekistan Airways flight to Yerevan.


“Aria” hospitality awaits its visitors with ten in the morning and until midnight, all seven days a week.




Tel .: (+374 10) 56 80 13

Mob .: (+374 91) 43 35 31

Address: RA, Yerevan, Tamanyan 1/17 (entrance from Isahakyan str.)