Ai Leoni

A small corner of a charming, talkative and welcoming Italy in Yerevan is a cozy restaurant Ai Leoni. This is not just an ordinary restaurant, which serves all the usual spaghetti or pizza. The restaurant belongs to the present Italian, true fans of culinary delights country, longed to share this delicious piece of love for sunny Italy with its visitors places. From the magnificent specimens may be called ravioli, homemade pasta, various sauces, and seafood delicacies. And what are tender, literally melting in the language of desserts. They are able to bring to mind any sweet tooth. Want to give a tour of the Armenian refined Mediterranean touch – you here.


The chief and the king of the local cuisine, and in combination, and the owner in Ai Leoni, charming Bruno, not only manages to keep an eye on all the processes at the stove, and when personally conjure something especially delicious, but also to chat with visitors, to share with them the latest news – in general, all in the spirit of the best Italian trattorias. By the way, he is the author and performer at the same time air mascarpone, which invariably decorated with local cakes and some sauces. Even if you are indifferent to sweets, you should definitely try a cup of black as the southern night, espresso. Another of this drink you do not find something that is not in Yerevan, but also in the whole of Armenia. For this nectar is to make a flight to the capital of Uzbekistan Airways.


But if mascarpone maestro prepares himself, then some of the products he still has to acquire. Vegetables and meat, he prefers to buy only from farmers familiar, reliable suppliers, known only quality products. But seafood and cheeses here are delivered directly from Italy. Otherwise, how would the grateful visitors could taste the ravioli stuffed with shrimp, pasta with seafood and a special sauce, and black ravioli, color test which gives the fish sepia. This is reflected to some extent in the account, if you chose these dishes – so cheap in the program of the tour, a visit to this institution is unlikely to go down.


Special charm gives the meal and a fine selection of wines, good, and that there is a special card, and superbly trained staff, who will help you choose the right wine to the sequestered dish.


This restaurant opened in Yerevan for more than ten years, and during that time managed to win not only fame, but also a whole group of fervent fans of the local chefs skill. That is why, in spite of the economic crises and upheavals, local halls are always full. Ravioli and they smoke everything on the table. The wine glasses are sparkling and dancing sunbeams, and Bruno sweet chirps with regulars and welcomes new guests. So do not forget to book a table. You will be happy to help you to do this and at the selected hotel in Armenia you. By the way, you can have breakfast – the restaurant is open from ten in the morning. He closes midnight


Address: 40 Tumanyan St, Yerevan 0002, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 530892