Touristic Uzbekistan

Туристический Узбекистан

Welcoming people, picturesque mountainous landscapes, untouched nature beauty, oriental architecture, silky atlas, applied-art masterpieces, pre-oldkhan, worthy Khan, warm sun, friendly mahallas, lush boxes of cotton – all this caresses soul, anyone who has ever joined Uzbekistan trip. Country embraced by legendary happiness’nd kindness bird Semurg (Humo) care is rapidly developing, while preserving values that’s been acquired for several millennia.

Uzbekestan capital called “stone city” – Tashkent. Evident fact, municipality isn’t stony at all, instead very greeny and heterogeneous: park zones are replaced by high-rise buildings, industrial center – quiet alleys riverstreams. Other countries first guests eager visit capital-city. Live actuality hasn’t been surprising for a long time. Firstly, metropolis represents country’s face. Secondly, there’re most advanced hostels, shops, restaurants, bars. As for Toshkent there’s plenty of it herein. In addition, excursion program here not weak. But whenever you look at green Tashkient, don’t make premature conclusion about commonwealth as whole. Hereaways, each conurbation unique, likewise irresistible along its own way.

Land endured many ambiguous dramas. Initialy, constant internal strife that hindered prosperity, inhibited knowledge, culture exchange with West. Then, multiple invasions: was ravaged by Arabs, Alexander Macedonian’s warriors repeatedly captured Maverannahr, next interfluve was under Genghis Khann collaborating Mongols rush, eventually turned into Temurids possession, creating powerful centralized state.

Today, plenties tourists flock around Uzbekisten walking through history pages, contributing countryside tourism development. Uzbekistan hotels, programs, service – everything absolutly modernized. However, that’s just travellers interest flip side. Foundational thing attracting foreigner’s eye – palaces splendor, minarets, madrassas. These old ages architects creations convey traditions, nationalic people’s life’s style.

Uzbekistan’s vacation industry far off anything someone can observe within European commonwealths’. Hereabouts, whatever reminds everyone that you’re exploring east: dishes, human possessing special mentality, mosaic finish with crescents, stars, Arabic inscriptions, human’s clothing elements, bazaars. There also entertainment begining: road travel caravans, different territories gastronomy study, jeeps trips, camelrides upon Kyzylkum desert, wandering departing Aral Sea footsteps, paraglider flight beneath eastern sky, applied art heritage exploration, even more. In order attract more visitors from abroad, Uzbikistan’s opened cruises, demonstrating excursiontours supplement, which’ll give closer glance at country-nature’s riches. For prying eyes, deserts expanses open including animal, plant-based natural reserves world uniqueness, mountain heights, rivers. Entertaining list when anyone arrives Uzbekiston extremly large, therefore, we offer them checklist, which according our opinion can’t be ignored.  So keep benchmark to Uzbek tours, which will number at least three cities.

Ten things to do in Uzbekistan:

Feel spiritual intimacy discovering sacred places.

Taste various kinds plov sojourning omnifarious realm regions teahouses.

Have fitting on native clothes, learn dancing dutar rhythms, karnay, surnay.

Participate vernal equinox “Nowruz” holiday, eat sumalak.

Ski off Chimgan slopes.

Take walk throughout old-town markets, perform attempt bring down price.

Find “singing” cave climbing Chimgen Mountains.

Go toward distant Karakalpakstan “Ships Cemetery.”

See animals listed inside Uzbikestan Red Book.

Habituate all conurbations cross whereas Great Silk tour passed.

Such many-faced, interesting Uzbekesten! Coming hereabout once, you’ll want survey it again, come try solve Uzbek nation’s living love secrets once again.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан