Union of Youth of Uzbekistan

Союз молодежи Узбекистана

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Targets and goals

Silk Road travel tours are interesting informative, but first you need to learn about internal state development, its direction in foreign either domestic policy.

Youth Union is nonprofit foundation. Following priority goals are set before it:

  1. Education over physically healthy, spiritually intellectually advanced generation which must think independently;
  2. Protect still very young people from harmful effects under outside world mass culture;
  3. Provide entire possible assistance towards individuals protecting their rights featuring obligations;
  4. Create any necessary conditions for them.

But above all, Youth Union contributes deepening economic, political democratic reforms; achieve peace harmony society, increase younger population role becoming developed among world countries. Institution ensures effective rights, legitimate interests tender heart’s protection, increase Uzbek guys’ professional level, reveal their creative as intellectual potential.


It is necessary highlight tasks organization has set itself:

  • Formations competent people, regardless social origin, religion, who may take rightful place within society, who want take part inside state reform. Who show strength updating country tender generation, capable introducing legal culture, political literacy.
  • Upbringing spirituality foundations, motherland love, respectful attitude toward state historical heritage, self-awareness formation, commitment under universal values.
  • Protecting citizens’ rights, involving them into professional activities, especially modern professional’s development, entrepreneurial activities.
  • Support talents, conditions for further creative intellectual work and involvement youngsters into scientific, technical, research activities. Visit Central Asia with https://eastroute.com you can visually see entire institution work.
  • Attracting youngsters over sports, environmental protection, cultural achievements, generally, healthy diverse lifestyle.
  • Bringing unformed minds religious extremist organizations dangers. Negative impact of mass culture elements, crime prevention.