Hotels in Samarkand

Гостиницы Самарканда

Modern Samarkand hotels: positive and negative aspects of historical tourism

Numerous hotels Samarkand offer their services to travelers. How to choose the hotels of Samarkand, which will allow you to enjoy your vacation?

One of the oldest cities in the region warmly opens its doors to tourists. Numerous hotels Samarkand offer to any visitor of the city a pleasant holiday and a set of additional services. It is important to note that all the hotels have their own individual characteristics, so you should very carefully examine them before moving.

Do not forget that the hotel should have the necessary authorization to work with foreigners. When you check into a hotel you must be given a special ticket. This paper will say that you are in the city legally. Otherwise you will have to register at the police station by place of residence. National legislation requires all foreigners to become accounting for longer stays in the territory of Uzbekistan. This rule also applies to tourists.


Samarkand Hotels are available in different price groups

The most popular hotels in Samarkand are:

Here travelers should not worry, that Samarkand hotels are as old as the city itself. Here you will easily find the right goodies, relying on your taste and budget. It is desirable that you have booked a place in the hotel in advance. Only in this case, you are guaranteed to be able to settle. The ever-increasing flow of tourists creates an increased burden on the hotel fund.

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