Saturated tours in Uzbekistan

Экскурсионные туры в Узбекистан

What programs are allowed to see all the diversity of the country?

Are you planning to buy a guided tour to Uzbekistan for the weekend? We help you to get a lucrative excursion tour to Uzbekistan from Moscow.

The increasing popularity receive in Uzbekistan tours, allowing visitors to touch the country’s present eastern magic. In Moscow today offers a variety of tours to Uzbekistan, but not all of them are professionally arranged. If you do not want to regret the wasted money, come directly to us. Great experience and excellent knowledge of the characteristics of Uzbekistan allows us to offer each customer exactly what it’s really interesting.


Guided tours to Uzbekistan from Moscow on favorable terms

Our managers will help you choose a unique guided tour, which takes into account your wishes. Each excursion tours to Uzbekistan from Moscow is being developed for a particular customer, so each program is truly individual. For example, fans of antiquity and cultural values ​​will appreciate the delightful trip to Samarkand, where past and present live side by side.


Bazaars, the average age of more than a few hundred years, will plunge into the ancient East. Perhaps it is here that entrepreneurs, which took place on the famous Silk Road, concluded their transaction. After an ancient bazaar, where almost nothing has changed, you can go to a variety of architectural monuments. An experienced guide will tell you in an interesting way, what historical events took place here. It is possible that you will be able to unravel the mystery of the East, which kept silent dunes.


All excursions are made not only for the fact that tell about the history of a particular place, but also to get people interested. Only in this way, have already returned home, people want to self-examine this issue further.