You can traverse around country by planes, trains, buses, taxis – tourists offered transport-modes variety. Fastest considered plane, provided by Turkmen airlines. They are quite comfortable, equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant flight. But tickets may become difficult to acquire, sale begins two weeks before upcoming departure, ticket-price very low, that’s why they’re dismantled exceedingly quickly. Most usually bought up by resellers – all kinds travel-agencies, so buying ticket from them, it worth remembering that we forced grant at three times higher price. Several flights depart off Ashkabat daily, anyone could get almost any other city.

Turkministan railway-trains don’t differ in swift running. For example, journey from Ashgabat toward Turkmenbashi takes about half day, thet twelf full hours. Fact appears, there’re no electric-trains within commonwealth, locomotives go exclusively using heat traction. Though by bus towards Turkmenboshi anybody gets twice as fast – approximatly 6 hours. Furthermore, buses’re remarkably comfortated, besides, ticket-cost extremely cheap. Taking first race, means waiting litle bit – bus-driver doesn’t move until every seat falls occupied. However, following routes always performed exactly in accordance with schedule.

Many travelers favorite transportation is taxi. Especially since someone might stop car just by waving your hand. Although here fare won’t be too expensive, local taxi-drivers accordingly called bombers. Sitting in automobile, recommended immediate voice destination, having agreed on amount – otherwise somebody would significantly overpay on arrival. Additionly important closer look consider driver, sometimes travellers come across not eminently honest carriers, if there’r some concerns inside behavior, it better seek help stopping alternative machine.

Another option – hire vehicle. To do this, therein, numerous limitations – age above twenty-one years, international driving rights presence, likewise experience not less then year. In general, for novice drivers it useful abandon such an idea – countryside roads steepy, winding, with special risk mark. Best choice take motocar with pro-driver – mentioned service available both, through Turkmenistan travel agency, either right upon parking lot. In addition, payment will also emerge incredibly small –  voyagers shell breack carried everywhere, twenty-four hours-day, still, you’ll have pay little, anyway.

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