First thing tourists always pay attention is property, personal safety. To local-law enforcement credit system,  commonwealth recorded lowest crime rates within region. However, summary doesn’t say, citizens should walk careless. Any valuables, likewise credentials better keep taken with yourself, because not all Ashgabat hotels equipped effective armoured safes.

How to dress in Turkmanistan?

Considered no official bans upon clothing inside this territory. People attire how they like. Oftentimes locals having national-clothes met. Only taboo-thing – visit shrines wearing opened clothes. Here, it customary harness rather modest styles light-clothes, produced of natural fabrics. Open clothings shouldn’t be worn not directly cause religious reasons, nevertheless also forasmuch hot climate. It similarly desirable wear head-dress avoid sunstroke. As for footwear, socks withins conurbation, idealy, would come suitable flip-flops or sandals. Though outside city it appropriate choose peripheral closed shoes: due actuality, there’re lot poisonous insects.

Access global network

If you’re used sitting Internet prolonged period, being Turkmenistan you’ll have get rid of thise habit for while. Turkmenisten internet-access relatively limited, communication quality quite low, not all sites gain accession. Service cost herein exceeds conceivable limits. Country-coverage 3G or Wi-Fi level supplementarily remains far desired. Furthermore, existing-quality not at extremly high-level. Of course, inter-net situation hereabouts improving everyday, although Turkministan still long way off world capitals grade concerning IT regard.

Photo, video shooting features

Joining Turkminestan tour, anyone has right freely snap photos, videos whatever objects he prefers, but ther restrictions quantity. Whereas, can’t shoot military installations pictures, transport hubs, government facilities. If planing make pics insides shopping center, advisable pre-clarify aforementioned possibility in representatives administration.

Souvenirs purchase

Sovereign-country developed officialic trading networks, where anybody may buy various keepsakes. If purchased burning tickets dont forget bring your own family, relatives:

Native headdress;



Wooden, ceramic utensils;


Cornelian-souvenirs, etc.

Mostly remarkable Turkmen remembrancers – carpets, natheless, fetch out of province least one – a big problem. Special permission required. Floor coverings hitherto handmade, old machines, tools utilized during manufacturing them. Certainly, each floor-covering genuine art work. Moreover, given work’s price corresponding. If someone buying souvenir at authoritative outlet, he’ll immediately receive necessary documents, thanks fact, wont encounter trouble taking out.

Turkmenestan conduct rules

Planty travelers note, Turkmens constantly been distinguished by their benevolence. Countryside, travellers’ve got nothing fear observing not particularly officially entrenched behaviour regulations, howbeit additionally few traditional directives:

Especial older generation respect;

Patriarchal society;

Highly undesirable address politics holding conversations amongst indigenous residents;

Forbidden discuss somewhat form previous state-head activities.

Living & eating charge

Total Turkimenistan sustainment appraisal depends on prefered comfort-level, proposed view multiple hotel options, select optimal fare suggestion. Sovereign-state food-cost further significantly varies. Ordinary instance, standard lunch costs starts $five-seven talking regarding small burgh, begining $10-12 if dinner planned in capital.

What to eat?

Soups popular in described realm. Most famous might be called several: umpach-zashi (flour chowder), gainatma (pea-soup), well as gara-chorba (tomato soup). Dishes basis – chorba, thet’s lamb broth. These meals very nutritious, unordinary for Europeans. Therefore, they often don’t even reach second-courses. In vain: second Turkiministan food-dishes tasty comparing first-courses. Plain example, tomatoes roast beef – govorlan-et – real art-work.

Comparatively Turkemenistan common pilaf – traditionalic oriental-eating. Hither pilef gets exclusive flavour: increment toward main ingredients, fresh, dried-fruits added into dish, making it spicier. There alongside “chip” – fish pilof. We won’t become able taste such meal anywhere else! Many Turkmenabad hotels propound separate nationalic menu.

Active seafood consumption indicating Caspian Sea proximity. That’s why without fish-dishes, same as balyuk-gavurdak, no  single feast can start. Addition, Turkimeniston somebody could try lots unusual dairy products – chalou, teleme, agaranu – made from camel milk. Another culinary Turkmanisten feature – traditionary pastry, appealing both Easternly connoisseurs and Europian cuisines. Almost e’ry Ashgebat restaurant offers ethnic, Eastern, Asian, European tastes.


Localite liquid condition leaves much appear fancied, so worth drinking entirely boiled, either bottled mineral-water. Washing vegetables, fruits, brushing teeth recommended using suggested kind aqua.

What does it take to call Turkmenastan?

Let’s define basical details about county’s codes, major Turkeminestan cities. Country’s telephone code: 993. In order give call Turkmenstan, everyone needs dial 993, then town passcode, afterwards – Phone number. Basic municipalities phone-codes: Ashkabat: 12, Mara: 522, Balkanabad: 222, Turkmenabad: 422, Dashoguz: 322, Turkmenbashi: 243. Hope you found elaborate information useful applying Turkmenian travel agency.

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