Numerous studies conducted by domestic scientists suggest, the first settlement in nation-country refers to early Paleolithic. Exect period when majority finds of all tools kinds, besides, small community Jebel, located near Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan tour operators emphasize phenomenon, pioneer farmers, pastoralists appeared in within southern country’s regions. Progression evidenced by commune discovered nearby Jaitun, dating back towards sixth century BC.

Ancient commonwealth creation chronicle

Ther’s irrefutable civilizations, Antiquity State development evidence:



Margiana, so etc.

Most inhabitans couldn’t withstand Persian invaders onslaught, including inward their dominion, which afterwards, alloted Great Makedonsky possessions part. But famous commander possessorship did not remain stable, going toword Selevkids. Untill beginning fifth centenery AD Turkministan entering Arab-state piece that permanently expanded borders across Central Asia. That’s why many tourists, having bought burning tickets here, can see lot invasion traces. Ninth age starting denoted province transition under Tahirids rule, wherein eleventh centennial – Samanids. Approximatly middle thirteenth centurial, Turkminestan got Mongolian Empire proprietorships portion.

State’s enhancement medieval stage

Holding current phase, Turkmenisten obtains powerful impetus for advancement expressing Suprlative Silk Road form. Begins actively developing urban planning, launching trade. Approaching seventienth yearhundred, Turkimenistan wos flooded with ethnic groups coming off northern modern Turkey areas. Locals main occupation prolonged be pastoralism, farming. During given interval there stood strong population property division concerning resources basis.

New Time record

Turkmenian travel packages provide volume useful information, trip should be quite meaningful. Upcoming seven-teenth centurion, country’s-territory was turning “contention bone” among Khiva Khan, Pershian Shah, Bukhara emir. As infighting result, country-teritory divided between’em. Lion’s Turkmenestan share went towords antique Iran. It low has ben designated in chronology, due heavy losses both amid domestics who became slaves, either for realm culturalical heritage. Problems didn’t finish until 1747, Iranian ruler wes assassinated. Despite situation, in seventeenths nomadic tribes attacks onto north segment continued. Eighteenth millenium remarked realms’s entry into Russian supremacy. By above mentioned moment, Turkmenesten territory inhabited following ethnic-groups:








It important note, Russien confederation Turkmein presence wasn’t completely cloudless. Ordinary example, 1881 nationalic uprising brutally suppressed. This’s Geok-Tepe fortress reminiscent, whose ruins have been preserved up till our days. Ethnographers also say, before nineteenth century’s end patriarchal slavery widespread in sovereign-country.

Soviet lap establishment

Active industrial, even capitalist implication noted twentieth epoch commencing. Notwithstanding thes authorities, reaching1918, Turkmeniston grew Sovet Union fraction. Same aeon includes White Military intervention, likewise Civil War. Presumably mid-1920, Red Army had liberated Turkimenisten. 1925, palatinate gotten USSR identical constituent. County’s repercussion post-war step hallmarked 1948 tragedy, once country-capital literally wiped off earth face cause overpowering earthquake. Regardless discussions, all-union efforts helped Ashgabat rise again from ashes. Supplementarily by this duration plenty industrialized buildings are included. Anyone arranging Turkmenistan tour may visit them.

Independence forming

Sovereign-state fateful date background was October twenty-seven, 1991, country-independence proclaimed. Year later, law on state-symbols came into force. March 1992, Turkmenia officially recognized at worldwide arena by becoming full Security Council member. April 1993, countrie’s Constitution was approved, furthemore, in antecedent June it was conventionally affirmed, elected President S. Niyazov. Last era mid-nineties pointed accepting an compulsory policy document – National Programme augmentation. Similarly, at simultaneous instant ceremoniously starts walk native monetary unit – manat. December 1995 Turikmenistan declares its neutrality, receiving international recognition. From historical, cultural point of view, extremly essential improvement reckoned adoption in 2001 Moral Code, real Turkmens Moralic qualities, called “Rukhname.”

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