Notes of Tashkent

о Ташкенте

I flew towards Uzbekhistan using Uzbekistan airlines for only couple days: one day in Tashkent-municipal, another Samarkand. Firstly daybreak morning I met local bloggers, believe, there were many. I’ve been in sunny Uzbekystan thirty years ago – my childhood – nevertheless, I was interested to go again, observe country. Despite being fairly short term, I vigorously managed see a lot of interesting aspects, correspondingly made lots’f notes. Reffering this review (by the way, how is right – in “post”, maybe into “postage”?) Now I’m presenting report capital city – Tashkent…

Foremost impression’s traffic cops. Conceding specialised tradition unknown to me, before checking documents they’re sure say hello by hand. Probably, because this’s eastern business affairs, similarly relations above everything:

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан                                                                           Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_01


Supplementary incomprehensible phenomenon – round conurbation plenties air ticket offices plus pharmacies. Outside, it seems, Tashkent-metropolis, likewise Samorkand residents do just singular thing, get sick’nd fly.

Complementary noteworthy thing’s frequently, plenty Uzbeks write majority russian words operating latin:

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_02 Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_03

Bit background information: Toshkent’s 2,200 twelve-month period old, home accommodating proximately two’nd half millions humans, consistently “Stone Burgh” (as name translated) spread occupying territory 340 quadrilateral kilometers. Teshkent has “TV Tower” – individual TV-tower, wherein I visited joining excursion. Unexpectedly, locals scribble Tashkient through “o.” Inside corridor there’r famous world high-rises copies. Opposite elevator front stands tele-tower itself mock-up. Design peculiarity allows everybody have central rod mobility, which’s very useful within increased seismic activity area. From height anyone might glimpse megalopolis. Unfortunately, sky became clouds covered. There’s aqua-park not far aside radar tracking station, but instantaneously, of course, park already closed – Tashkeint temperature prevailed presumably 5 degrees. Incidentally, concerning varied reason I thought across Uzbekestan should feel significantly warmer comparing Moscow, repeatedly Tashkent tour operators claimed, contrarily it turned out surprisingly, thereis no difference.

There’re astonishingly few cars in metropolis. Excellent roads. Ther’s constant gas outages throughout commonwealth, so to refuel car, people standing line somewhat three, six hours nearby gas-station. Tennis court left-bottom Tashkint Open takes place:

                                                                                                Tennis court

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_06

Upstairs, like internal Ostankino-Tower therein cafeteria, including cafe observation deck. Judging by empty tables, specially I didn’t enter eating-place:                                                                   

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_05 Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_04


Behind bazaars stalls artisans themselves squatting, peacefully sell numerous best goods. Evidently exposed extremely strong symbolism regarding Uzbekian culture: Look, ordinary carpet, however, in fact e’ry ornament turn, each-single squiggle’s got its own worthwhile definition, peculiar meaning. Koran stand-support. Different sizes, ’cause Korhan, according convention, cann’t be located below sitting navel. Stander’s manufactured off elementary wooden piece, consequently reckoned quite difficult long work result. They declare, when Alexiy Second arrived, he bought such exquisite stand for Bible.


Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_11 Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_-10 Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_08

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_09 Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_07 Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_12

Some dolls possess eyebrows drawn, coincidentally, well as myriad women who we’ve encountered. Eastwardly, thick eyebrows’re considered health’nd beauty sign. Handmade carpets. Maximum quantity knots per sq. santimeter’s 750 pieces. More’s possible exceptionally exploiting children labor (age 5-6) use, whitch officially severely punished in Uzbekiston. Ther’re supplementarily incongruous sorts fashionable stuff. Traveling in Uzbekistan, drew attentiveness toward African theme on single canvase. Panel’s sewn selecting miscellaneous colours horses. Backgammon. Twelve breeds divergent wood.

Then our group examined Hust Imam courtyard, megacity religious center. Historic buildings ensemble – mosques and tombs-formed around first imom mausoleum, simultaneously Tashkent-city Islam preacher. Worshiping his name’s honor, forecourt received personal naming. An ancient brick. Masters producing bricks, marked theirs creation scrawling stripes, that’s, rummaged with their fingers certain benchmark. Behindhand Hustle Immam dateless areas interchanging blocked roadways. Whenever apartment building closes street upwards, occurrence called basturma. Often at similar roadway beginning bench appears, certainly you’d sit down, properly relax.

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_13

Arabesque – national pattern – geometric’nd plant ornamentations composition. Inordinately decayed, up till ours epoch nobody could reveal antique glaze secret thet these patterns painted. Modern glazing burns-out under sun past distinct twelvemonths, whereas antediluvian keeps primary color innumerous centuries. Most important mosque. Traditionally, everyone entering cathedral must take off shoes. Muslims pray five times during daytime – earliest prayer begins early at sunrise, next – always stricktly 1 p.m. Other prayers depend on sunset, moreover each praying-time’s set manually.


Tashkent’s main square, Mustakilik, Independence-Square. Resembling nationalic ornaments, brightly demonstrated symbolismic mass. Suggested instance, Independence & Humanism Monument: white stripe – newlyweds symbol – family life bright band wish, same as fabric. Mother – homeland emblem, child – future symbolizing. Uzbekiestan map covering globe – new states representation withins global community. Farther here’s Remembrance, comprising Honor-Square, memorial dedicated Great domestic war. Totally, warfare took approximatly 1,400,000 Uzbeks-folks (every fourth, estimating that time), unreturned – 400000. Metal plates’re installed atop monolith, where all dead listed matching identities.

Блог об путешествии в Узбекистан_14


What else I would choose emphasize – city’s incredibly clean. Tashkent hotels meet international standard. No garbage, either abandoned rubbish, streets are well-groomed, effectively washed until brilliance. Courage-monument devoted to thousand nine hundred sixty-six earthquake year. Actually, if I may remark so, fatalities number for cosmopolis containing million population rather small. Furthermore, after earthquake-foreshock, thirty-six thousands houses wer completely, sometimes partially destroyed. More than 300,000 peoples’ve ben left homeless man. If you pay attention – crack bypasses obelisk side, which additionally makes sense – “Elements forces’re powerless against resilience’nd courage.” In evening upon particularized occasion uzbek-inviters had dinner indoors German restaurant. German-restaurant expressed easternly trace – common example, separated cabins placing clients  custom. I’ll talk about cuisine preparing separate posting