Lake Balkhash

Озеро Балхаш

The unique, crystal clear, quiet – all these and many other epithets rightly belong to one of the most picturesque corners of Kazakhstan, located near Lake Balkhash.The history of this body of water is inextricably linked with the ancient legend, tells the story of an unhappy love affair. Once upon a time in a wealthy merchant named Balkhash, it was one of the most beautiful daughters in the country, bearing the name of Or. The father, who wanted his daughter to marry as soon as possible, I decided to choose the best of the groom arranged them during competitions.


Father did not know back then that or gave her heart to the poor shepherd Karatal. Daughter, wanting to help her lover, the shepherd Karatal suggested as possible to win a competition hosted by the Balkhash. However, being a very proud man, Balkhash did not even think to give his daughter in marriage to the poorest class.Realizing that their father will not be able to change the view, in love couple decided to flee.


Enraged Balkhash rushes after him, but he can not catch up with the fleeing shepherd and daughter. Then he decided not exceptional measure – turn the fugitives in the two rivers. Balkhash itself, becoming a lake turns between them and completely absorbs the rebellious daughter.


The natural features of Lake Balkhash


Today, we can confidently say that this lake is one of the largest bodies of water-drainage nature, which occupies the third place after the Aral and Caspian Sea. The total length of the water surface is about six hundred kilometers, while the reservoir width varies from three to forty-four kilometers. The scientists were able to establish that the maximum depth of the lake is nearly twenty-six meters.


Another feature of this area is various degrees of eastern and western parts of the mineralization, which are joined together by means of a narrow strait. The western part of the lake fed by the waters of the river or freshwater, brackish and eastern fueling source.


Many visitors first get here, note the constant contrasts. For example, the local inhabitants of the lake presents a variety of species:

  • Carp;
  • White amur;
  • Barbel;
  • Spike;
  • Bream;
  • Catfish;
  • Marinka and so on.


Each year the generous lake gives more than eight tons of fish, which is extracted here without significant damage to the environment of these places. Do not forget to take care of the state and of endangered species here, which receive the necessary support. For example, in the lake could keep the population spike and barbel Urals.